Genetic Counselor

PGT Medical
Job Location
University Pkwy
Sarasota, FL 34243
Competitive Salary/Benefits
Job Description

PGT Medical is seeking a full-time Genetic Counselor to assess prenatal patients and the possibility of an inherited family disease utilizing whole genome sequencing (WGS). This position has a strong focus in the area of Psychiatry, Oncology and Cardiology. Additionally, you will incorporate your education regarding genetic transfer; laboratory testing and research data to help the patient in coping and adapting appropriately. Will also help patients understand and come to terms with the significant impact of having children and genetically inherited disease; how it will affect them and their families.


Requirements include American Board of Genetic Counseling certification or Board certification eligible within 6 months, Master's in Genetic Counseling, and two years experience in genetic counseling.

About Our Organization

PGT Medical is a genetic company based in Florida specializing in bringing cutting edge diagnostics and medical solutions to the everyday patients. We provide healthcare professionals personalized medicine solutions, whole genome sequencing and genetic counselors to assist in the personal treatment of their patients. We incorporate world class scientific data, clinical tools, and healthcare professional education to personalize treatment plans to improve clinical outcomes and patient safety. We are growing and continually looking for exceptional, talented people to join our team.

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