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Muse Biotehcnology, Inc.
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Muse Bio is building ForgeSuite, an enterprise-level genome design platform aimed at helping biochemical engineers rapidly search sequence space to find variants with improved catalytic and phenotypic profiles. Inside ForgeSuite, users will have access to several modules including ForgeCrafter and ForgeAnalyzer. Customers will input specifications for building libraries of genetic variants and place orders for DNA editing kits using ForgeCrafter. Once a library of genetic variants has been created, clients will analyze NGS results of phenotypic selection winners with ForgeAnalyzer, which can be used to inform subsequent rounds of variant design. ForgeSuite is a highly integrated platform, providing individual User and Group accounts and must ensure customer data is protected using bleeding edge security standards and best practices. 

            We are offering an outstanding opportunity for a highly motivated Front-End developer to join our software team. Successful candidates will be responsible for optimizing our current designs, leading design sprints, timely implementation of new features, and ensuring new functionality passes user acceptance tests, and designing data-driven approaches to improve site performance. The ideal candidate will possess a broad understanding of design philosophies, including Google’s Material Design and Apple’s Flat Design, leading security standards, best practices in unit vs integration vs end-to-end testing, have cross-functional communication skills, and the ability to work on complex, multi-disciplinary teams.



●      Enhance and optimize our existing Frontend 

●      Design and implement new key sections of the ForgeSuite using Google’s Material Design philosophy

●      Lead 5-stage design sprints

●      Design and implement user acceptance tests

●      Challenge state-of-the-art design philosophy

●      Design and implement unit tests for polymer elements 

●      Present critical updates and rationale at weekly group meetings 

●      Thoughtful and timely review of team member code 



●      BS, MS, or Ph.D. in Computer Science with 3+ years industry experience

●      Working knowledge of internet security standards and best practices

●      Expert command of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the Polymer library

●      Expert command of Python - to review team member code and ensure smooth front-end to API communication

●      Expert-level mastery of Google’s Material Design philosophy

●      3+ years Frontend Architecture experience

●      Proven commitment to designing simplified, intuitive, and elegant frontend layouts

●      Commitment to producing modular, clearly documented code using test-driven development best practices

About Our Organization

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder Colorado, Muse bio is revolutionizing genome engineering. Muse bio’s success is driven by the great people who work at the Company and our ability to recruit and retain additional highly qualified and motivated people. We offer an excellent compensation package including a competitive salary, company ownership, comprehensive benefits and the opportunity to be part of a dynamic growth company environment. Muse bio is an equal opportunity employee.

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