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Field Bioinformatics Scientist

Pacific Biosciences
Job Location
20 Science Pk Rd #01-22 TeleTech Pk
Job Description

Title:  Field Bioinformatics Scientist
Location:  Singapore

Pacific Biosciences is seeking a Bioinformatics Scientist with a strong customer focus to support bioinformatics analysis for collaborators and customers using SMRT™ sequencing data. The candidate will employ expertise in bioinformatics, data analysis, biological insight, and software engineering. The ability to communicate with customers both pre- and post-sales; interact with marketing; internal support and development; and communicate results to diverse audiences are important aspects of this role. This scientist will be working in a fast-paced start-up environment, interacting with customers, other scientists and engineers from a wide variety of backgrounds. This individual is a partner to the customer in the understanding and analysis of data derived through use of next-generation high throughput sequencing systems. The position is field based.

  • Problem-solve to overcome technical challenges (including basic Linux operation, Pacific Biosciences analysis software, and operation of bioinformatics analysis pipelines).
  • Assist customers in experimental design and subsequent experimentation to initiate and validate the use of the Pacific Biosciences instrumentation in their laboratories.
  • Could include utilizing and integrating both Pacific Biosciences tools and open source academic tools to help analyze data.
  • Provide feedback and be a part of improving informatics pipelines and solutions.
  • Provide timely technical and application assistance in response to customer inquiries.
  • Assist sales and support in pre-sales functions as well as working with customers to understand and integrate their work flows.
  • Work with marketing to define/develop models for competitive positioning of SMS technology.
  • Work with the customer and with internal R&D scientists to analyze data from next generation sequencing experiments.
  • Conduct scientific presentations to internal and external audiences.
  • Work with R&D teams to continually improve the bioinformatics capabilities and workflows associated with next generation sequencing data to support use of the platform in general and in strategic application areas.
  • Customer minded individual with the empathy to understand customer concerns.
  • Team player who can effectively integrate internal and field based activities across functions to support customer requirements.
  • Support data analysis needs for collaborations, services and application development projects.
  • Develop a bioinformatics training plan, presentation materials and technical documentation.
  • Develop bioinformatics related sales tools such as application notes and white papers.
  • Participate in publishing novel bioinformatic results in scientific journals.
  • Provide timely technical and application assistance in response to customer inquiries.
  • Provide scientific and applications feedback to development, marketing, and sales.

All listed tasks and responsibilities are deemed as essential functions to this position; however, business conditions may require reasonable accommodations for additional tasks and responsibilities.

Position Requirements:

  • Min. Master’s degree, PhD Preferred in Bioinformatics, Statistics, Life science and/or computer science degree.
  • 3+ years experience in bioinformatics. Proficiency with a scripting language such as Perl or Python is required. 
  • Proficiency with a statistical package such as R or Matlab. Familiarity with common sequence analysis tools and workflows such as sequence alignment, genome visualization, comparative genomics, structural variation discovery, and epigenetics.
  • Preference shown to candidates who can demonstrate good understanding of molecular genetics and next-generation sequencing analysis.
  • Intermediate level of experience in Unix operating systems.
  • Ability and willingness travel up to 50-60%.
  • Strong presentation and communication skills required.
  • Sufficient familiarity with the paper publication process and associated experimental design requirements.
  • Strong trouble-shooting abilities.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, protected veteran status, or on the basis of disability, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

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