Failure Investigation Engineer

Cepheid - US
Job Location
Sunnyvale, California, United States, 94089,
Job Description

The Failure Investigation Engineer will perform and document experiments and analyze results as part of root cause analysis for failure investigations of Cepheid reagents and consumables products. Use product software and instruments, as well as other instrumentation and test systems, to execute testing of several experimental test groups in parallel. Gather data and perform first level data reduction, statistical analysis, and plotting.

* Support manufacturing activities for first-line investigations of product or process failures
* Execute experiments as part of investigations
* Analyze data and prepare graphs and tables to be incorporated into reports.
* Analyze historical data to identify trends and areas for investigation
* Adhere to standard operating procedures and regulatory requirements
* Participate in brainstorming and other root cause analysis techniques
* Support evaluation of potential mitigations and corrective actions
* Contribute to final report for each investigation


* Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Biological Science or a related discipline. Or, equivalent combination of education and experience to perform at this level.
* Minimum 0 to 2 years relevant experience
* Experience in a biological laboratory setting, attention to detail to assure proper preparation of test materials, and computer experience for data analysis
* Ability to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other tools for data presentation and analysis
* Excellent communication, writing, and documentation skills
* Ability to successfully interact with multiple departments
* Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously
* Ability to work independently and in a team setting
* Basic knowledge of statistics

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