Facilities/EHS Manager

Job Location
Fargo, ND 58104
Job Description

Facilities Summary: Position is responsible for planning, directing, scheduling and supporting staff who are responsible for ongoing, day-to-day management of the facility and contracted third party service providers for facility/utility construction and maintenance. Must be able to adjust work priorities, project schedules, resources and work plans as necessary to meet timelines and business needs.  Must be able to prepare estimates for labor, materials and equipment costs for projects. Overseeing budget adherence related to facility/utility maintenance; Selecting vendors and securing bids on approved, operating and capital budget items that pertain to maintenance, utility and safety services.  Ensuring completion of maintenance work in accordance with established standards and in compliance with safety governmental regulations and building codes;  Reviewing and approving maintenance, engineering and utility invoices for cost, allocation, amount and completion and construction work performed by contractors; Overseeing preparation and filing of periodic reports with government/regulatory authorities including environmental permitting, i.e.: water treatment, hazardous waste disposal, air permits, underground tank permits, etc. Be able to develop guidelines, procedures, schedules and standards to achieve Aldevron goals.  Works under limited direction requiring initiative and independent judgment.

  • Has complete responsibility and oversight of day-to-day operations of facilities ensuring that all services are effectively delivered and facility needs are met including janitorial, safety, utilities and general maintenance.
  • Responsible for the cost-effective management of service contracts. Responsible for all aspects of service delivery pursuant to these contracts, responsible for periodic and ongoing performance and financial review, conducting RFP's, and assuring payments and invoicing match contract pricing.
  • Leads the facility management team in the supervision of all maintenance programs relating to the interior and exterior conditions and appearance and operation of the facilities.
  • Ensures that facility management staff consistently provide positive and prompt response to requests.
  • Responsible for maintaining minimum agreed GMP facility uptime
  • Responsible for the hiring and training of the facility management staff. Responsible for effective and proactive employee relations with all site staff. Conducts and approves all performance evaluations of facility management staff.
  • Generate and communicate construction/maintenance project plans and schedules to management and effected departments
  • Coordinate construction/maintenance activities with users of effected areas to ensure personnel safety and minimize disruption.
  • Report on construction/maintenance progress to the General Manager and with area management and with other functions that may be impacted.
  • Ensure compliance with permit requirements and other laws.
  • Coordinates with the General Manager and team members to identify process improvement and cost savings opportunities.
  • Develops and tracks projects to implement process and cost savings improvements.
  • Business Continuity Planning:  Supports team members from key business functions in activities to develop and maintain a business continuity plan for aspects associated with maintaining operation capabilities within the facility.  Ensures that the plans are well integrated and up to date.  Conducts exercises to ensure readiness.


Safety Summary:  The Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Manager is responsible for developing, implementing, coordinating and monitoring employee safety programs aimed at prevention and early intervention and overseeing all local, State and Federal regulatory affairs requirements as directed by Aldevron Management. Provide leadership and oversight for strategic safety initiatives. Areas of responsibility include EHS regulatory compliance, ergonomics, work site safety practices, work and safety documentation. Maintain reporting and record keeping requirements for all local, State and Federal regulations.

  • Ensure compliance with applicable Federal, State and local legislation; recommend mitigation as necessary and determine methods for improved accident and loss prevention.
  • Ensure compliance with appropriate and applicable regulations related to EHS and Aldevron policies.
  • Reduce the potential incidence of site injury by developing and implementing aggressive, proactive educational and intervention programs such behavioral safety, ergonomics, etc.
  • Conduct/facilitate training seminars in order to provide employees with information regarding safe working practices and accident prevention methods.
  • Assure Environmental permit(s) compliance. Maintain all necessary documentation, track sampling, monitoring program and reporting requirements.  Complete and submit applicable EHS agency reporting requirements.
  • Ensure proper equipment certifications and training on equipment (i.e. forklift).
  • Assist in maintaining Safety Data Sheets for all raw material products used and final products shipped.
  • Help drive and develop EHS strategies in a quick paced and constantly changing environment.
  • Responsible for assisting in the development, coordination, implementation and maintenance of an Environmental, Health and Safety Program.
  • Responsible to help draft/update and recommend Environmental, Health and Safety manuals.
  • Develops and implements EHS policies, programs, and processes for all employees in order to minimize safety, environmental, and health hazards. 
  • Manage the site's environmental permits and programs (air, water, and waste), audits, in compliance with relevant regulatory programs and Aldevron policies.
  • Drives continuous improvement and operational effectiveness of site EHS programs, procedures and tools to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, effective utilization of best practices, and enhanced productivity.
  • Facilitates and drives the Safety Committee teams.  This may include safety audits conducted by the Safety Committee to ensure compliance with regulations and Aldevron policies
  • Identifies and appraises conditions which could produce accidents and financial losses by evaluating and mitigating risk.
  • Manage all Contingency and Emergency Preparedness Plans to comply with all applicable EHS requirements.
  • Develops inspection program to reveal unsafe work practices and conditions, with recommendations for corrective measures being brought to the attention of the responsible person.


  • 10+ years of experience as a pharmaceutical industry facilities engineer or manager
  • Design and construction supervisory experience is required
  • 5+ years Hands-on experience with pharmaceutical water systems and HVAC systems


  • Bachelor's degree or relevant technical trade certifications
  • PMP Certificate, not required but desirable

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Must be proficient using Microsoft Office and project planning software
  • Highly skilled in use of and troubleshooting building management systems and software
  • Experience with NetSuite or other ERP system preferred


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For more information, or to apply now, you must go to the website below. Please DO NOT email your resume to us as we only accept applications through our website.


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