Engineer in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biotechnology and/or Immunology

Job Location
10 Rue Vauquelin
75005 Paris

Working in a cutting edge and fast-paced biotech start-up. 

Job Description
  • Learn and optimize droplet based assays on an industrial & robust level
  • Contribute to all nucleic acid and/or cell based assays development activities including translation and development of assays into a droplet microfluidic format; develop and implement nucleic acid assays screening protocols.
  • Create and assist in the filing of intellectual property of value to the company. o Identify, disclose, and propose alternatives to technical risks and problems
  • Cost conscious, work within budget HIFIBIO SAS
  • This individual reports to the Group Leader and must have excellent organizational and bench skills in the key areas of molecular biology with the expectation she/he will coordinate with engineers and advisors to implement microdroplet assays (e.g. droplet based sequencing) developed internally or in collaboration with HiFiBiO customers/collaborators.
  • The candidate will contribute to either/both the nucleic acid assays development operations and/or cell based assay; participate in the formulation and execution of a technical plan to meet collaborators/customers requirements.
  • The candidate must have good written and oral communication skills; be able to communicate and work collaboratively with other team members to an interdisciplinary team.
  • The candidate must be a self-starter; be able to work collaboratively and to work to deadlines and deliver a quality result is a must. 
  • Master or engineer in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biotechnology and/or Immunology.
    • Molecular biology bench experience with the following techniques and methods: PCR, cloning, bacteria transformation, Reverse transcription, RNAseq, NGS library preparation
    • Cell biology bench experience
    • Cell culture maintenance
    • Primary Cells handling, B or T cell purification
    • Flow cytometry
    • ELISA, FLISA, CELISA, Elispot
    • Demonstrated experience in transitioning assays developed at the bench to a commercial process and application
    • Experience in providing assay services to customers
    • Working w/ customers to define their needs
    • Formulating a technical plan in response to customer need & requirements
    • Executing on the technical plan and presenting the results
    • Demonstrated ability to participate in cross-functional, global teams
How to Apply

Please send your CV and a cover letter to Dr Annabelle Gerard (

About Our Organization

HiFiBiO is a mature start up biotech company created in 2013, a spin off from ESPCI, Harvard University and the Broad Institute. We have a lab and office in Paris at the premises of ESPCI (soon at Cochin Hospital) and in the US (Boston). HiFiBiO develops fully integrated single cell antibody drug discovery engine for partnering with Big Pharma companies. We combine droplet microfluidics and DNA barcode technologies with an integrated informatics workflow for high throughput antibody secreting primary cells screening, sorting and single cell antibody sequencing.

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