Electrical Engineer – NGS Applications

10X Genomics
Job Location
San Francisco Bay Area, CA 94566
Job Description

10x Genomics is looking for an outstanding individual to join its Engineering and Product Development team in developing new technologies for breakthrough next generation sequencing (NGS) applications. This person will be will be responsible for generating system and subsystem electrical design requirements, perform circuit design, system design and analysis, schematic entry and PCB layout, build and test prototypes, and release designs and documentation. This will also require integrating hardware and software and performing design qualification at a system level. Solve electrical engineering problems at the component through system level. Generate written reports and documentation as needed.  Maintain accurate documentation of concepts, designs, drawings, and reviews. The core technology combines advances in chemistry, biochemistry, engineering, microfluidics and computational biology.

The ideal candidate will have an education background in Electrical Engineering and/or Systems Engineering. The candidate should have at least 3 years of relevant experience in the development of life science instrumentation or measurement products, and an appreciation for the tools used in a world class-manufacturing environment.

Key Responsibilities

  • Engage with engineering and technical personnel regarding correct fabrication and testing of prototype systems, also suggesting design changes supported by data.
  • Work with other engineering staff to develop overall designs for test of electrical, mechanical and micro-fluidic engineering systems with emphasis on the use of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE).
  • Circuit design and layout.
  • Firmware development and testing.
  • Instrument and other hardware control.
  • Specification and documentation of electronic requirements able to work within specified physical limits of precision instruments such as high speed cameras, lens systems, and pressure control systems.
  • Incorporate methods for the development of test instrumentation and test procedures along with the plans for maintenance and repair of components and test stations.
  • Write LabVIEW code to support verification testing.
  • Assist with development of manufacturing, assembly, and fabrication in the development of new processes and products which includes both internal and external contractors.
  • Perform product and process testing optimization and writing of production and QC documentation.
  • S. or M.S. in Electrical Engineering or Systems Engineering.
  • Relevant experience in a production testing environment with an appreciation for process control, revision control, accuracy of results, and quality of product.
  • 3 years relevant laboratory experience in life science products, such a DNA sequencing, PCR or other nucleic acid based technologies.
  • Desire to be part of a rapidly evolving organization with motivation for taking ideas and products to the next level.
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About Our Organization

10x Genomics is a Bay Area start-up developing new technologies for breakthrough next generation sequencing applications. The core technology combines advances in chemistry, biochemistry, microfluidics and computational biology.

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