Director, Translational R&D

Job Location
2420 Camino Ramon, Ste 125
San Ramon, CA 94583

Full comprehensive benefits including 5 weeks of PTO.

Job Description

We are seeking a Director of Translational R&D with significant experience in translational therapeutic research and development leading to novel clinical candidates.  The ideal candidate will have experience across the drug R&D spectrum and include therapeutic monoclonal antibody (mAb) research and development experience such as generating and screening mAb libraries, characterizing mAb structure and function, determining mAb mechanisms of action and developing mAb drug candidates.  The candidate is expected to be up-to-date on advanced technologies for antibody discovery and actively apply new concepts as appropriate to continuously improve functional area capabilities.  The candidate will take a leading role in establishing therapeutic application strategy, identifying and verifying novel drug targets, developing therapeutic mAb and other clinical candidate assets and execution of the overall strategic plan. The candidate will be expected to play a hands-on role in execution and work efficiently with cross-functional teams. 


  • Lead team of professionals developing Immunosignature technology drug discovery and development applications. 
  • Define programmatic therapeutic strategic goals, develop detailed plans to achieve goals and be responsible for plan execution
  • Develop mAb characterization applications and demonstrate utility via novel mAb discovery and development projects
  • Guide efforts toward furthering the application of the Immunosignature technology to identify novel disease related therapeutic targets
  • Demonstrate ability of the Immunosignature technology to deliver novel biological modulators/drug leads
  • Execute internal and partner sponsored therapeutic technology application projects
  • Lead efforts to develop methods for translating Immunosignature binding data to mAb specificity, antigen identification and epitope mapping
  • Participate in cross-functional workflows and provide scientific guidance to teams
  • Thoroughly analyze results and methods, solve technical challenges, propose and develop new applications
  • Prepare and review standard operating procedures, method development reports, and scientific journal publications and presentations.
  • Write, edit, and review project proposals and reports for clients
  • Interact with therapeutic program partners as needed
  • Present scientific findings at internal and external meetings

Education and Experience:

  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Immunology, Molecular Biology or related field.
  • 10+ years of BioPharma industry experience in discovering and developing therapeutic mAbs or related biotherapeutics.
  • Exceptional scientific leadership experience.
  • Experience characterizing and optimizing mAbs through structural and functional assays
  • Experience leading Scientists in cross functional teams
  • Experience with translational R&D including experience designing and executing relevant animal model studies
  • Target discovery and verification experience desired
  • Experience contributing to successful IND regulatory submissions required
  • Experience working on technology transfer for scale up and production desired
About Our Organization

About HealthTell:

HealthTell is a Life Sciences and Biotechnology company that is commercializing the ImmunoSignature™ technology for accurate and timely detection, monitoring, and progression of chronic diseases. Based on a robust, scalable, proprietary technology, the company will provide the first and only diagnostic platform capable of detecting the presence of disease, stratifying patients, and monitoring disease progression. The ImmunoSignature™ technology is unlike any other, measuring the immune system instead of relying on inaccurate biomarkers or radiographic images.

HealthTell will empower physicians to make more informed decisions by providing the medical community with tools that will facilitate improved outcomes for patients with chronic diseases. Over 170 million people, in the US alone, are affected by chronic and debilitating diseases that create significant economic burden totaling over a trillion dollars. HealthTell is committed to improving the lives of patients through the power of ImmunoSignature™ Technology.

HealthTell is an equal opportunity employer.

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