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Director, Scientific Programs & Alliances

New York Stem Cell Foundation
Job Location
New York, New York, United States, 10023,
Job Description

The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) is a highly entrepreneurial and successful nonprofit whose mission is to accelerate cures for the major diseases of our time using stem cell research. The NYSCF Research Institute, including 40+ researchers working in its Laboratory on neurodegenerative diseases, heart disease, diabetes, MS and bone generation, is its research arm.

The Director of Scientific Programs & Alliances is responsible for raising awareness of NYSCF’s track record and core competencies to government and foundation funding sources and effectively manages a robust research grants program post-award. The Director reports to the CFO and works closely with the CEO and NYSCF Research Institute management team.

The Director will be responsible for preparing grant applications, coordinating required institutional reviews and approvals and working with principal investigators to ensure timely submission of funding proposals to the NIH and other government agencies and for medical research grants. This position requires demonstration of an understanding of federal compliance regulations and cost allocation principles to ensure federal grant funds are appropriately utilized.

The majority of grants will relate to NYSCF Research Institute’s groundbreaking disease-focused research. But grant generation in addition will focus on NYSCF’s aligned areas, such as technology, stem cell education, communications, the intersection of art and science, and social issues, such as the advancement of women and minorities in research science. While the grant administrator will be responsible for and oversee all Grant development, the Director will work closely with the NYSCF Laboratory and the Development staff in sourcing and producing grant applications as well as satisfying grant requirements post-award.

Responsibilities will include:

Pre Award

  • *Support PI’s research interests and expertise to aggressively and creatively find new grant funding opportunities from existing and new sources of support, including national and state government agencies, particularly the National Institute of Health, DOD and other government sources, as well as disease-specific and other foundations that align with NYSCF’s mission.
  • *Coordinate research administration activities for the Institute, including pre-award efforts, proposal submission, and post-award management to assure that research projects comply with institutional and sponsor requirements.
  • *Provide technical advice regarding administrative and financial aspects of proposals, budget, budget justification, subcontracting, indirect cost rates, fringe benefit rates, etc., to PI’s within the Institute.
  • *Coordinate the preparation of standard materials (i.e., other support, resources and environment) for grant applications and maintain them online.
  • *Maintain database of standard grant language (Resources, Human Subjects, SCRO, etc).
  • *Monitor regulatory application compliance (e.g. IRB) is submitted in a timely fashion.
  • *Assure government and foundation grant sponsor requirements are met (i.e., proposal format, page limits, number of copies).
  • *Enter proposal information into the institutional database and submit for institutional review and approval.
  • *Perform post-submission follow-up with government or foundation sponsor.

Post Award Management

  • *Develop and maintain grants databases and other tracking recording systems.
  • *Assist in maintaining percent effort information; prepare and approve personnel actions related to project.
  • *Track, analyze and report on why grants are awarded or not.
  • *Review award terms and conditions.
  • *Work with researcher to develop reporting documents, timeline, and budgets.
  • *Track projects’ progress to assure successful outcomes. Review interim and final reports and oversee overall communication with grantors.
  • *Assure research scientists or other NYSCF staff awardee prior to the end of a grant verify funds are spent appropriately, or there is an appropriate request for carryover of funds.

Fellowship/ Investigator Program

  • *Liaison with review committees
  • *Triage applications with scientific consultants
  • *Review and enforce agreements with external Innovators
  • *Monitor progress and IP from Innovators
  • *Communicate with host institution to validate and confirm all IP
  • *Organize and oversee scientific session at the retreat

Compliance Management

  • *Oversee the submission of IRB, SCRO, biosafety, and other regulatory protocols in conjunction with PI’s /HSR when required.
  • *Manage Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee – SCRO
  • *Coordinate with collaborating clinics on donor/patient recruitment
  • *Monitor and advise PI’s on regulatory changes and legal matters when required.

Other Responsibilities

  • *Scientific Strategy
    • *Participate in developing and detailing scientific strategy
    • *Establish partnerships with key external leaders to build disease teams
  • *Assist Development with philanthropic and other foundation proposals.
  • *Edit the scientific and programmatic content of NYSCF’s publications, website, press releases, announcements, information or promotional pieces, public testimony, speeches, comments and written articles.
  • *Work with and draft proposals for sponsored research (pharmaceutical companies, foundations, and contract production).
  • *Evaluate and track progress on conducting/reporting sponsored research.
  • *Negotiate IP terms with collaborations, industry, and external Innovators.
  • *Organize and manage regular PI meetings
  • *Manage technology transfer documents (incoming and outgoing MTAs, RCAs, collaboration agreements, user agreements, term sheets)
  • *Track scientific collaborations.
  • *Coordinate NYSCF’s scientific consultants including development of agendas for consultant visits
  • *Organize content of NYSCF conference
  • *Manage 3 staff members


  • *5-10 years of government and medical research grant writing experience desired.
  • *PhD required. Life Sciences preferred.
  • *Experience with federal sponsored grants (NIH etc.) preferred.
  • *Excellent writing and communications skills.
  • *Excellent Excel and other grant-related computer skills.
  • *Must be able to work independently, handle multiple priorities and simultaneous time deadlines.
  • *The ability to independently seek out answers from the appropriate grant publication and/or other resources.
  • *Occasional travel required.
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