Director of Marketing

Two Pore Guys, Inc.
Job Location
Santa Cruz, CA
Job Description

2PG is seeking a Director of Marketing to work with the CEO and other directors on the development and execution of public outreach programs, customer relationships, and other communications that articulate the company's technologies, strategic vision, and business objectives. Responsibilities include: Commercialization planning (pricing, partnership programs, etc.) Market research (new market analysis, competitive analysis, technology trends, etc.) Media generation and public relations (possibly working with an outside agency). Cross-functional lead for marketing and other business platforms (CRM, etc.) Understand and articulate FDA procedures, standards and processes. Business development and partnership programs Product definition and roadmap. Establish budgets and prepare to build a team.


A strong understanding of existing medical diagnostics technologies, and the business ecosystem with platforms, ranging from centralized lab equipment to point of care devices. Degree(s) or equivalent demonstrated proficiencies in the life sciences 7-10+ years in marketing, business development, or equivalent activities within a life science company. Outstanding presentation skills. CRM software (any kind). This is a full-time position and requires daily engagement with the company at its headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA. Expect to travel as needed and appropriate during company growth.

About Our Organization

Two Pore Guys (2PG) has developed a biosensor platform that can detect and quantitate both analytes and genomic sequences from any fluidic source with greater accuracy and sensitivity than expensive lab equipment. Their hand-held device can be operated by anyone, anywhere, for use in human, animal health, agriculture and the environment. Results are sent to smartphones and tablets, and anonymized to the cloud.

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