Director of Marketing

Job Location
1616 Anderson Rd
McLean, VA 22102
Job Description

The lead product is first-in-class and has no direct competition, so the strategic challenge is focused on market development and medical education rather than shifting market share. You will have responsibility for strategic planning, market segmentation, positioning, branding and product lifecycle management. You will also have responsibility for crowd funding, social media and public relations. Other duties include agency management, market analytics, messaging and sales force training and support.


Given the need for market development you will work closely with Key Opinion Leaders in the Oncology community to develop them as advocates, run Advisory Boards, and manage a Speaker’s Bureau. The small size of the marketing group means you will “wear many hats” in this assignment, and the pace of work is faster than typically seen in most marketing assignments in large organizations. Overnight travel is estimated at 20%. The rapidly expanding organization means there are significant opportunities for career development and advancement.


Director level experience in sales and/or marketing is required, with an interest in interacting with executive-level management to determine product/company policy and strategies.  A minimum of five years of field sales/marketing experience with demonstrated success in executing strategic initiatives is also required.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree; a master’s degree in Business Administration or in a field of medicine is preferred.
  • Strong and proven mentoring and management skills are essential.
  • Strong leadership, interpersonal and influence management skills are essential.


Must be able to work with all levels of the organization and bring together key stakeholders. Must work well independently and with cross-functional teams and have well-developed written, verbal, and presentation skills.


How to Apply

send resumes to


About Our Organization

Perthera partners with leading cancer clinics, health systems, hospitals and other institutions to offer the best cancer treatment options available to their patients.


We provide our partners with a multi-faceted approach to creating a successful personalized medicine program. This approach includes ongoing community and physician awareness programs, operational support and patient coordination to ensure that our partners are able to get the information for the delivery of effective, high quality patient care. In partnership with Perthera, regional cancer specialists can effectively offer the same individualized and cutting-edge cancer treatment analysis as larger, national institutions. Without the need for referrals or the patient to leave the comfort of their home community and trusted, treating oncologist, we can determine the most relevant, clinically actionable and individualized treatment options available to treat each specific cancer patient. Additionally, with access to Perthera’s unique database for research and patient outcomes, a facility’s oncologists can improve productivity while retaining patients, thereby benefiting the facility’s revenue stream.

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