Director, Cancer Immunotherapy

Complete Genomics
Job Location
Mountain View, CA 94043
Job Description

Job Title:  Director, Cancer Immunotherapy

Reports To:  Deputy Director of BGI research

Department:  Research


Job Summary

Complete Genomics, Inc. is looking for an exceptional expert and leader for a Director, Cancer Immunotherapy position to support the BGI business. This individual will lead team, based in Shenzhen, China, to do translational research on cancer immunotherapy, including the project proposing, budget control, recruiting team members and managing the project progression. This individual will also be responsible for getting related results published and the related IP licensed.


Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design the personalized solution and product for cancer immunotherapy, in areas like DC-CTL, DC vaccine, CAR-T, T cell adoptive transferring treatment and other emerging areas.
  • Build up pre-clinical or clinical collaboration with local hospitals and key opinion leaders (KOLs).
  • Help build up the immunotherapy-experiment related RD platform at BGI, including immune cell culture (DC/CTL/PBMC), ELISPOT, ELISA, antigen-specific CTL activating, and other related experiments.
  • Conduct in-depth investigation and survey on current progress of cancer immunotherapy of preclinical studies, and clinical trial, lead and direct product definition, designing and perform feasibility analysis.
  • Build and maintain cooperative relationship between BGI and hospital or clinical center.
  • Perform other work related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

  • MD or PhD in immunology/cancer immunology or related field with a minimum of 5 years of experience. 
  • Immunotherapy-related experimental skills: 
    • Design, construct, and purify HLA/peptide dextramers. Recognize T cell epitope based on MHC tetramer.
    • Culture and maintain primary cells of human T cells. Generate DC cells in vitro.
    • Isolate antigen-specific T cells and identify antigens.
    • ELISA, Elispot
  • Cell-molecular related experimental skills:
    • Analyze immune related peptides expression.
    • Immoprecipitation assay, mobility shifting assay
  • Instrument operation skills
    • FACS
    • ImmunoSpot Analyzer
    • PCR amplifier
    • Microscopes and fluorescence microscope


Preferred Qualifications

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) with experience in cancer immunotherapy-related research centers/ hospitals/companies.
  • Experience in HLA/peptide dextramers design, construction, and purification.
  • Experience in HLA tetramer assay of T cell epitope.
  • Published cancer immunotherapy related papers in journals.
  • Have worked on cancer immunotherapy related product development including adoptive immunotherapy, CAR-T, anti-PD1, and so on.


Other Requirements

  • Fluent communication skills in English and Mandarin required.
  • Travel at 50%+ between China and U.S.


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