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Job Description

We are recruiting a junior developer with experience in image acquisition, processing and analysis. Specifically, the developer would design and develop a workflow management platform that ingests, processes, and stores gigapixel images and associated meta-data that are generated throughout the histology workflow.
Ideally, the candidate has the following characteristics:
• Able to setup, configure and maintain computation nodes and data storage servers in a Linux environment (100’s TB)
• Knowledge of programming languages (C++ and Python, at minimum) in the context of image processing & analysis and/or large scale data analysis
• Experience with Matlab (preferred)


Master's or bachelor's degree in computer science or other technology-related field (PhD is a plus)
Experience working with efficient data structures and algorithms for large scale data analysis

About Our Organization

Clarapath is a histopathology services company. By leveraging high throughput histology techniques developed as part of the Mouse Brain Architecture program (, we provide comprehensive histopathology services – including sectioning, staining, and whole slide imaging – to clinical pathology laboratories. Our goal is to transform clinical pathology and improve patient care through a combination of our automated, high-definition “tissue-to-bits” histopathology techniques and a proprietary diagnostic & decision support software platform. Clarapath was spun out of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in 2014 and is located at the New York Genome Center in downtown New York.

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