Deputy Program Manager, Health Promotion Program

Venesco, LLC.
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San Diego, CA
Job Description

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Position Summary:

Venesco, LLC, is looking for a Deputy Program Manager to work as a full-time employee in the San Diego, CA, area to provide strategic advisory and program management support for government's Population Health Program.

The government's Population health program encompasses a full scope of intervention strategies that include tertiary prevention (programs that help beneficiaries treat chronic disease), secondary prevention (programs that help beneficiaries manage risks for disease), and primary prevention (programs that help beneficiaries prevent disease).

In order to optimize the performance in support of accomplishing the government's mission, the Deputy Program Manager will be responsible for managing a team that will perform the following functions in support of this program. The staff will be responsible for the management of the following activities relative to population health program. 1) Strategic Planning 2) Administrative Support; 3) Web Management and Analytics; 4) Measurement and Evaluation; 5) Communications and Training Support; 6) Health Promotion Support; and 7) Community Outreach Support.


Provide strategy development, implementation, and management support for the government/DoD medical center Population Health Program.

Develop a 3-5 year Population Health strategic plan and monitor, review, identify and incorporate leading population health management practices from industry and/or other external organizations into this Population Health strategic program throughout each applicable option period of performance.

Should define and describe specific population health objectives, measures and detailed action plans that will guide the government in executing a strategy for population health. Ensure effective contract management, fulfillment of deliverables, and management of each phase of work.

Provide oversight of personnel, quality control of deliverables and be responsible for expenditures, billings, technical progress, status, and any problems/ issues encountered in the performance of this program.

Prepare, review and present briefings, memos and white papers in support of population health efforts.

Assist in the review, development, and implementation of processes and guidelines for all primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention modalities developed for the government/DoD medical center staff.

Will manage and implement all other tasks as assigned.


Required Qualifications:

Master’s degree in Population Health Sciences (MPHS), public health, health science, Health Policy & Management, Community Health Education, or other related field.

10+ years experience in managing population health sciences or public health or related population health programs.

Direct experience managing federal contracts and managing personnel

Experience in managing cross-functional teams and responsible for all contract deliverables.

Experience developing high-level strategic plans.

Experience incorporating leading practices from industry and/or other external organizations that currently utilize a population health program.

Experience in the management of Navy Medical Center Population Program or any other DoD population health related area is highly desired


Candidate must be able to get a favorable National Agency Check with Local Agency Checks and Credit Checks (NACLC) clearance.

A video application is strongly recommended

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