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CNAG, Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico
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We are looking for a full stack developer for RD-Connect, an EU FP7 funded project which aims to build an integrated platform connecting databases, registries, biobanks and clinical bioinformatics for rare disease research.

RD-Connect is worldwide collaboration, so the applicant will be required to work with other world-class international research groups besides the CNAG team. The developer will work closely with CNAG database developers and report to the Bioinformatics Analysis Group leader.
The successful candidate will participate in designing and building the database and portal for the RD-Connect platform using a mix of languages and tools to process and display the data. Therefore, experience using multiple programming languages and paradigms is required and experience using large datasets is desirable.

The initial duration of the contract is for two years with a possibility of extension and professional development.

- Design, development and maintenance of the platform database and back-end.
- Design, development and maintenance of platform front-end.
- Integrate analysis tools.
- Collaborate with data analysts.
- Interact with international partners in the RD-Connect project.


- BSc in Software Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science or similar.
- A minimum work experience of 2 years in database development on Unix operating systems.
- Experience with SQL and NoSQL approaches (such as ElasticSearch and Hadoop stack) to database design and implementation.
- Experience using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (like Angular or Ember).
- Experience with Java/Scala would be benefitial.
- Experience on a scripting language like Perl or Python would be an advantage.
- Knowledge of Bioinformatics / High Throughput Sequencing and or human genetics will be beneficial.
- Good spoken and written English.

About Our Organization

The CNAG has a park of twelve second generation DNA sequencers supported by an extensive informatics infrastructure, and is one of the major Genome Sequencing Centers in Europe.
The CNAG is actively involved in collaborative research projects on a number of specific topics: Disease Gene Identification, Cancer Genomics, Genomics of Infectious Diseases, Model Organism Genomics and Synthetic Biology Genomics of Model Organisms.

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