Data & Statistical Specialist, NMCSD

Venesco, LLC.
Job Location
Naval Medical Center San Diego San Diego, CA
$75,000 - $85,000
Job Description

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Venesco, LLC, is looking for a Data & Statistical Specialist to work as a full-time employee at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, CA, to investigate individual, social and environmental determinants of health relevant for San Diego Population Health beneficiaries.

This position will manage the existing Tertiary Prevention patient identification approaches through the use of advanced statistical software. Work involves enhancing the existing Tertiary Prevention Population Identification algorithms in order to further refine mechanisms to identify select specific High Utilizer patients. Performance on this task will be measured by the completion of monthly algorithms for identifying tertiary beneficiaries.

The Government will grant the query access to the Management and Reporting (M2) tool/database. This position will create data-driven algorithms that will analyze patient claims and encounters data, as well as data sourced from local directories provided by government. This includes health and wellness program enrollment rosters) to select patients or patient groups best suited for Primary or Secondary Interventions. Primary and Secondary interventions are defined as programs that help TRICARE beneficiaries manage and/or prevent disease and risk factors before they lead to the need for acute medical services.


-Create data-driven algorithms that will analyze patient claims and encounters data, as well as data sourced from local directories provided by government

-Develop specific algorithms for identifying beneficiaries for Primary and Secondary intervention have not yet been developed. The algorithms should be developed in a manner that will ultimately allow for them to be transitioned to government staff.

-Develop and provide a complete deep-dive and ad hoc analyses needed to drill-down into M2 data sets and algorithm results, including geospatial analyses, time series analyses, predictive modeling, etc.

-Provide the report of these analyses every 6-8 weeks in the format required by government and also provide other support presentations and briefings.

-Design and implement self-service business intelligence and measurement reports as required by government in the stated intervals and time periods that can be used by government staff to support Primary and Secondary prevention strategies.

-Maintain the existing excel-based Monthly Patient Scorecard, designed to assess individual patient performance according to pre-determined cost, utilization, and health outcome metrics.

-Design, create, provide and maintain other specific scorecard required by the government such as data collected from M2 claims information.

-Provide the score cards as needed by government at specified timelines.

-Perform all assigned activities according to government's SOPs working within the established framework of the Quality Management System.

-Develop and review other SAS/SPSS programs and output as required for management.

-Will tabulate the data, prepare of patient data listings, graphical output, creation of derived datasets and statistical analysis of data as required by government.

-Based on government’s needs design programs for ad hoc tables and listings.

-Write, modify, and maintain programs that produce diagnostics and listing for data review and support of Data Management.

-Develop programs for data transfers and assist in their review to ensure the data transfer has been produced to specification

-Review draft and final production runs for project to ensure quality and consistency.

-Perform other duties as assigned by senior staff

Salary DOE: $75,000 - $85,000

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Required Qualifications:

-Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics, Biostatistics, Math, or Computer Science

-7+ years programming experience using SAS/ SPSS and use of some business intelligence tool

-Experience with programming and program development as it relates to patient data (Prefer candidates with Clinical Data Management, healthcare and Biostatistics experience)

-Experience in MS Access and MS Excel

-Experience in other statistical analysis software applications


-Candidate must be able to get a favorable National Agency Check with Local Agency Checks and Credit Checks (NACLC) clearance

-A video application is strongly recommended

How to Apply

Address: 701 E. Bridger Ave Suite 400 Las Vegas Nevada 89101
Phone number: 8555624483

Please apply online at

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