Data Scientist

Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship
Job Location
Union, NJ
Job Description

In collaboration with ATCC, and together with the newly founded Center for Translational Microbiology (CTM), the bioinformatics team at ILSE is working on new bioinformatics and genomics technologies and products based on the ATCC collection of biomaterials.

We are seeking a Data Scientist for several ongoing projects:

  • Analyze phylogenetic diversity of the ATCC biomaterial collection.
  • Analyze scientific impact of ATCC strains based on data mining of public scientific publication data.
  • Develop software programs that automatically aggregate public scientific publication information and produce specific impact measurements.
  • Perform genomic sequence analysis on ATCC biomaterial collection.
  • PhD degree with 0 year work experience, or MS degree with 2-year work experience, or BS degree with 4-year work experience.
  • Education background in related field: bioinformatics, computational biology, genetics, genomics, computer science, information science, electric engineering, etc.
  • Proficient coding skills (e.g., in Java, C/C++, Python, or Perl, and Java is the preferred language) are required, as a major part of the job is coding.
  • Previous software development experiences a plus.
  • Experience working collaboratively with bioinformatics scientists a plus
  • Experience with NGS technology and pipelines a plus
How to Apply

Send Application to:

Yazhou Sun, PhD

Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship

STEM Bldg. Ste. 5-13

1000 Morris Ave. Union, NJ 07083

[email protected]


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