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Computational Structural Biologist

Ambry Genetics Corp.
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Aliso Viejo, CA
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PhD level Computational Structural Biologist
Job description: Apply knowledge of bioinformatics and structural biology methods and protein expression to further our understanding the effects of genetic variants on the structure, function, and regulation of proteins of interest.

Interested candidates should forward a cover letter and resume/CV to: for immediate consideration. Thanks!


PhD and Postdoctoral experience in Computational Structural Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry or a closely related field. Candidates must have thorough and ongoing knowledge of current theories and principals of structural biology. Knowledge of human genetics, statistics, and bioinformatics databases and tools are preferred. You must have excellent time management as well as oral and written communication skills. Ability to quickly and effectively operate, communicate and influence decision making within cross-functional and multi-disciplinary clinical genetics team.

Interested candidates should forward a cover letter and resume/CV to:

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