Computational Biologist - Product Development

10X Genomics
Job Location
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Job Description

10x Genomics is looking for an outstanding individual to join its Computational Biology group. This person will lead the development of analytical frameworks and computational methods for investigating the error modes of all components of the core technology and the impact of these on application performance. These analyses will drive the prioritization of technology development within the company. This position is a unique opportunity to work on an exciting and novel form of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data that enables a wide array of previously unachievable applications.

The ideal candidate will have an extremely strong background in statistics and data analysis. He or she will also be deeply knowledgeable about existing NGS technologies and have a keen intuition for NGS data. The right candidate must also have strong programming skills, and a deep interest in biology. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate results clearly are a must. This position will interact closely with colleagues in biochemistry, microfluidics, chemistry and software.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop custom analyses to assess and guide development of the core technology
  • Create statistical models to understand root causes of errors
  • Build statistical analyses into robust internal tools for monitoring performance over time
  • Define and prioritize the development of experimental metrics for tracking performance improvements
  • Build out simulation framework to explore performance under wide array of conditions

Desired Skills and Background

  • PhD in quantitative field (e.g. physics, mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, computational/systems biology or related field)
  • Ability to quickly develop custom statistical methods and algorithms and apply them to large data sets
  • Strong programming ability in Python
  • A deep intuition for the processes utilized by current NGS technologies
  • Creative problem solver who obsesses over finding useful information in data
  • Hands on experience with NGS data tools (e.g. bwa, samtools, GATK)
  • A combination of mathematical depth with a healthy respect for the imperfections inherent in real-world data
  • Highly independent
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and quickly changing environment
How to Apply
About Our Organization

10x Genomics meets the critical need for long range, structural and cellular information, with an innovative system that transforms short-read sequencing technologies. Our ChromiumTM System supports comprehensive genomics and high-throughput single cell transcriptomics. It enables researchers to discover previously inaccessible genomic information at unprecedented scale, including phased structural variants, phased single nucleotide variants, and dynamic gene expression of individual cells—while leveraging their existing sequencing systems and workflows.

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