Computational Biologist

Verge Genomics
Job Location
San Francisco, CA 94105

Comprehensive benefits including health, dental and vision.

Equity - A personal stake in a growing company with a game-changing platform


Tools for your job - computers, tablets, etc.

Unlimited vacation

Job Description

Verge Genomics is looking for a computational biologist to develop algorithms, statistical methods, and software to analyze large-scale gene expression and genomic datasets. You will implement these methods to identify new disease targets and mechanisms, and drugs that target these disease gene networks. As one of the first employees at Verge, you will develop cutting-edge methods that will serve as the foundation of a revolutionary drug development model. 


  1. Develop and implement methods for integrative analysis of microarray, RNA-sequencing, and GWAS data to identify gene networks involved in disease.
  2. Develop and implement novel pattern-matching methods for querying drug response databases with gene expression signatures.
  3. Integrate gene expression, behavioral, and biochemical datasets (and potentially patient EMR and prescription records), to predict which drugs are more likely to succeed in clinical trials
  4. Collaborate with internal and external research scientists in big pharma, small biotech, and patient advocacy organizations on analyzing genomic data for novel target discovery and drug development.


  1. Minimum of 2-5 years of doctoral, post-doctoral or professional experience analyzing or interpreting large-scale genomic/genetic datasets.
  2. Extensive experience with R development, preferably for genetics/genomics applications.
  3. Experience with differential expression and gene network analyses
  4. Excellent communication skills and ability to collaborate across the organization.
  5. Strong desire to work in a high-energy, hands-on startup environment.



  1. Prior experience with public repositories of genetic, genomic, and drug response data (ArrayExpress, GEO, CMAP).
  2. Prior project experience with experimental models of neurodegenerative disease.
  3. Prior experience with drug discovery and/or development.


How to Apply

Please submit a letter of interest and CV to Please indicate your earliest start date and visa status (if available)

About Our Organization

At Verge Genomics, we find cures for neurodegenerative diseases 1000x faster by applying network algorithms to genomic datasets. Founded by MD/PhDs from the world’s leading neurogenomics lab, we are building the next-generation pharmaceutical company using a data-driven, capital-efficient model of drug discovery. We are looking for smart, motivated people like you to help us tackle our generation’s biggest healthcare challenges: Alzheimer’s Disease, ALS, and Parkinson’s Disease. With your help, we can deliver cures to these patients in the next five years at a fraction of the cost of traditional pharma. We are backed by some of the top funders in Silicon Valley and New York, including YCombinator (S15).

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