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Clinical Research Scientist

Genuity Science
Job Location
Dublin, Ireland
Boston, MA 02114
United States
Job Description

Genuity Science is using multiple genomic techniques to find the causes of cancer, complex and rare diseases. These can include next-generation sequencing, RNA-seq and methylation profiling, structural genome variation discovery and metabolite screening.

We are seeking an ambitious, highly-skilled, dedicated and reliable individual with experience in medical research and phenotype data analyses. The successful candidate will be responsible for disease specific literature reviews, research planning, Case Report Form construction, phenotype data review and analyses, target gene-disease hypothesis generation, internal team and external scientific communication. It is vital that the successful candidate ensures that our research meets and exceeds the best international standards. As a Clinical Research Scientist, you must be self-motivated, with a high level of organizational ability, project planning, problem-solving, accuracy and attention to detail. You must also be able to work well, both independently and as part of a multidisciplinary research team in a high-paced and high-delivery environment. Excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to build effective working relationships with patient, industry, clinical and scientific communities are essential

This position does not involve any laboratory work.  

Duties and responsibilities

  • Work efficiently as an Applied Research Team Member, including collaboration team members in clinical operations, clinical partnerships, research analysts, marketing, and software development.
  • Review medical and scientific literature in order to (1) collate necessary information for appropriate documentation and (2) identify required and high priority deep phenotype data points.
  • Design and develop disease specific research plans, Case Report Forms, Lifestyle questionnaires.
  • Prepare documents for inclusion in ethics applications, protocols, regulatory submission documents, etc.
  • Develop technical documents such as SOP’s, change controls and support documents within the quality management and data protection team to ensure ethical and regulatory compliance.
  • Plan, prioritise, co-ordinate and trouble shoot research team planning. Identify and execute continuous improvement strategies through monitoring performance and suggesting strategy and/or efficiency improvements.
  • Integrate, interpret and analyse phenotype and/or genomic data.
  • Identify and apply for replication cohorts and datasets.
  • Be motivated to continuously learn and develop skills on the job and through cross-function/internal/external training in order to maintain expertise on industry best practices.
  • Perform other duties as required.
  • A PhD, MSc or clinical experience in medical, clinical genetics/genomics, human genetics, population genetics, genetic epidemiology or a related molecular biology research area.
  • Experience in oncology, immunological, neurological, and/or auto-immune, genomic research.
  • History of publication in top peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • At least 5 years’ experience in the field of genomic research.
  • Experience of CRF, ethics and protocol development.
  • Project management experience.

Preferred Experience

Several of:

  • Experience in data harmonization and data curation.
  • Programming experience, e.g. R, Python, MySql, Perl, Java.
  • At least 4 years industrial, clinical or post-PhD academic research experience.
  • Experience with multiple large genomic datasets (e.g. 1000 Genomes, ExAC, ICGC TCGA).
About Our Organization

Genuity Science is a contract genomics and data-sourcing, –analytics and –insights organization headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA with offices in Dublin, Ireland and Reykjavik, Iceland. Genuity partners with global biopharma companies to offer deep end-to-end discovery services aimed at catalyzing precision health and improving the quality of life for patients around the world. Services include population-scale, disease-specific data sourcing, high-quality sequencing, robust statistical analyses and software tools for analyzing large datasets and artificial intelligence (AI). The company operates advanced CAP/CLIA genomics laboratories in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA and in Dublin, Ireland and is deeply committed to data stewardship and data governance across its global offices.

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