Clinical Genomic Scientist, Cancer Whole Genome Somatic NGS Sequencing Analysis

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Clinical Genomic Scientist, Cancer Whole Genome Somatic NGS Sequencing Analysis

Pharma-Cruiting Life Sciences Executive Search is seeking a Clinical Genomic Scientist with whole genome somatic sequencing analysis experience in cancer.   


Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Daily processing, interpretation and analysis of identified variants from clinical samples.

2. Collaborate with bioinformaticians, scientists, and clinicians to design and perform analyses and evaluate observed associations.

3. Contribute to building of of company’s knowledge database.

4. Design and evaluate analysis for sequencing-based projects; discuss valid data collection methods.

5. Produce high quality and detailed documentation for all projects.



• Experience and interest in translational cancer research.

• Ability to critically analyze medical and scientific literature with outstanding attention to details during problem solving.

• Experience in Whole Genome Sequencing in cancer in the clinical testing space.

• Experience with databases, tools, and resources commonly used in interpretation of genomic data.

• Experience with genetic variant curation and/or interpretation of clinical relevance based on the ACMG guidelines is highly desired.

• Ph.D. or M.D. degree in Human Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Genomics or appropriately-related field is required.

• Experience translating research findings into clinically relevant and actionable information.

• Experience in variant interpretation and prioritization and an understanding of cancer biology and human genetics.

• Deep understanding of human genetics and biology.




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