Clinical Data Specialist

Myriad Genetics, Inc.
Job Location
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, 84108,
Job Description

Myriad Genetics is looking for a qualified candidate to join our Clinical Data team. The Clinical Data Specialist is responsible for evaluating the clinical history and results in regards to a Health Care Provider order. Additionally they generate reports and query in-house data bases and on-line resources to provide information about individual patient’s genetic test results and to answer questions about cumulative statistics pertaining to genetic test results.

  • *Perform clinical data entry and validation to ensure completeness and accuracy of data.
  • *Recognize inconsistencies and initiate resolution of data problems.
  • *Evaluate clinical history and results in regards to a Health Care Provider test order
  • *Contact health care providers to clarify and resolve issues.
  • *Review scientific literature in regards to genetic syndromes.
  • *Bachelors degree, preferably in Biology related field
  • *Professional and detail oriented
  • *Proficient with Windows, Word and Excel
  • *Excellent communication skills

Physical and Mental Requirements of the job:

Repetitive Motion, Communication, Copying

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How to Apply

Contact Person: Lynn Anne Burbidge

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