Chief Scientific Officer, Lab Director

Job Location
Pittsburgh, PA


Job Description

The successful candidate will work in a cutting edge, start-up environment. He or she will help to shape and deliver diagnostic tests in the space of pharmacogenomics, and lead research and development for future laboratory offerings. This will entail design, optimization, and clinical validation of molecular diagnostic tests for pharmacogenomics and other clinical specialities per development pipeline and commercialization plan. There is a strong focus on clinical next generation sequencing technologies. Academic activities including presentations and publications are strongly encouraged but not required.

This position is ideal for a post-doctoral candidate, preferably with a background in genetics, who is interested in a career in clinical genomics and molecular diagnostics. Computational and/or bioinformatic skills are a plus.

The successful candidate is expected to work independently with minimal supervision. 

 Major responsibilities include:

  • Evaluation of platforms and techniques in DNA sequencing, genotyping, and copy-number variation in order to assess suitability for diagnostic application.
  • Design and execution of clinical validation studies to determine the diagnostic performance of genetic tests.
  • Documentation of clinical test development according to regulatory guidelines.
  • Interfacing with the clinical operations team to launch novel assays.
  • Help train operations staff to perform novel assays.
  • Quality improvement (optimization) of existing genetic tests.
  • Conference attendance and presentations are a possibility.
  • Publications are encouraged.
  • Advanced degree (PhD or equivalent) in molecular biology, human genetics or related field preferred.
  • MS degree may be considered depending on level of relevant experience
  • Solid experience with standard molecular genetics technologies, ideally including Next Generation sequencing
  • Statistical and bioinformatics skills are a plus
How to Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

About Our Organization

We are a start-up molecular diagnostics company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We offer advanced genetic testing to health care providers to help them detect and diagnose disease, and deliver the best clinical care to their patients.

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