Chief Scientific Officer

Job Location
United Kingdom
Annual Salary + equity share

Ownership role in an high tech, high growth start-up. Be instrumental in translation of -omic technology in a central London location 

Job Description

Geneix is looking for a Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).

The CSO will be responsible for leading -omic interpretation strategy, with a primary focus on pharmacogenomics. This work will build upon the first step of the Geneix data infrastructure to integrate safety recommendations into prescriber’s workflows for the world’s most commonly dispensed medications.

The role will be hands on in the beginning and evolve into leadership and team management in the future. Novel research and open source/publications are encouraged to give back to the research community. Continuous training/conferences will be provided if needed.

Work closely with our Chief Technology Officer and Quality Assurance Advisor to generate specifications and requirements for software. 

The candidate will be part of the Geneix board and opinions will be taken into account for company direction and strategy.


We are looking for a unique, driven technologist who has a passion for improving healthcare using innovative technologies.

The candidate will have proven track record using and writing bioinformatic tools for the open source community.

Working with healthcare providers can sometimes be challenging, so strong communication skills and patience will be tested. 

Candidates with a background in pharmacogenomics, electronic medical records and programming languages beyond R, Python and Perl will be desirable.

How to Apply

email your cv (or LinkedIn url) and a cover letter to [email protected].

If you have any specific questions about the company or role email [email protected]

Applications will close at 23:00 17/05/2015

About Our Organization


We help doctors to understand how a patient may respond to treatment, so they can prescribe optimally.

Resulting in: 

  • A reduction of side effects and lethal adverse drug reactions
  • Improved treatment efficacy and outcomes
  • Less medicine wastage 

Our data infrastructure enables hospitals to create and store drug-gene profiles for their patients, so when a doctor prescribes a new medicine they are alerted of any possible pharmacogenomic interactions immediately. This approach gives hospitals a quick, accurate and scalable way to bring precision prescribing into routine care. 

Geneix has been running for two years and established its brand in the wider tech community outside of the academic sphere. We have: been awarded two Innovate UK grants, invited to be part of Wayra UK accelerator and won TechCity News' most disruptive start-up 2014. The team at Geneix have expertise in communication and conducted published research into healthcare professionals and provders opinions of pharmacogenomic data.

We have the network and the understanding to complement the technology. Together we can bring healthcare into the 21st century.

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