Cerner Clinical Applications Mgr

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center & Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Job Location
Seattle, WA
Job Description

Manage, implement and evaluate all daily operations, maintenance and support of SCCA's Electronic Medical Record (EMR), locally known as ORCA. Develop, communicate and monitor policies, protocols and procedures to ensure the stability and availability of the application, compliance with established system/data standards and controls, effective utilization of team resources, vendor relationships and adherence to established service targets with customers and key stakeholders. This position will support key organization initiatives; driving workflow efficiencies and effectiveness as delivered by our system solutions.

This management position collaborates with technology leaders, medical leaders, peers and colleagues at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) as well as our partner institutions (FHCRC, UWMC and CHRMC) to assure the provision of high quality, patient and family-centered care in an environment that facilitates the conduct of clinical research. Work situations range from technical to managerial and require independent decision-making, analysis, policy and program development, problem and issue resolution and leadership skills.

Collaborate with technology and medical leaders, peers and colleagues at the SCCA as well as our partner institutions to assure the provision of high quality, patient and family-centered care in an environment that facilitates the conduct of clinical research.Collaborate with UWM ITS as the supplier of the ORCA system in meeting current needs and planning for future needs, negotiating system functionality customizations and roll-outs and necessary service levels.Plan, manage, implement and evaluate all aspects of the EMR application in order to ensure system availability 365 days a year and to meet current and anticipated organizational requirements.

Develop policies, procedures, plans and metrics to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of systems and applications to identify areas requiring improvement and to measure user satisfaction.

Develop, implement and evaluate departmental operations to assure excellent customer service by identifying customers, understanding their respective needs and expectations, ensuring prompt incident and problem resolution and measuring their satisfaction on a regular basis. Measure and improve customer satisfaction outcomes by applying system-wide tools, best-practices and by incorporating CPI methodologies and practices. Solicit customer feedback and apply it to performance evaluations and assure timely and effective response to complaints and problems. Provide staff with customer feedback and collaborate to develop impact plans and other interventions that lead to continuous improvement of service delivery. Serve as a liaison/point of contact for problem solving as required.

Manage project plans intended to upgrade, enhance or implement new systems or application from conception through conversion and production.Continually assess operational objectives, organizational structures and work processes to assure optimum skill mix, scheduling and staffing levels to meet daily operations and project needs.

Implement consistent performance management practices by defining and communicating goals and performance objectives; by regularly monitoring, evaluating and improving individual and team performance. Provide coaching and mentoring and other training and development activities to build staff competencies. Build teams that bridge cross-functional and inter-departmental barriers.

Develop and implement evaluation criteria that define highly competent, high-performing individuals and teamsWork closely with users, leadership and IT colleagues to develop short-term (tactical) and long term goals and forecasts and associated plans to improve operations and meet anticipated needs. Provide expertise and consulting to colleagues, IT management, clinical and administrative staff and users and others. Align department goals with organizational vision and goals; communicate and dialogue with staff and organization regarding organizational services initiatives. Emphasize team and cross-departmental focus and behaviors. Perform annual reviews, summaries, and reporting of activities

Minimum Education and Experience:
- Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Computer Science, or a related field, or equivalent work experience.
- Three years project leadership experience using proven methodologies for application projects
- Four years management experience with technical team

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
- Proficiency with Cerner EMR products
- Knowledge of technical architecture, including servers, databases and networks
- Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with vendors, consultants and others
- Ability to supervise, manage and develop clinical application analysts
- Proficient with desktop and project management tools (MS Office, MS Project, Visio, etc.)
- Proven track record in management of application development and production support
- Strong process management and team management / leadership capabilities

If interested, please apply online at

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