14M Genomics Ltd
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Cambridge UK
United Kingdom

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Job Description

14M Genomics is a new company, partnered with the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, developing clinical decision support tools for the diagnosis, treatment and surveillance of cancer. We are seeking a biostatician with deep knowledge of statistical methodologies to develop novel approaches to the analysis of complex datasets. Specific roles will include the development of predictive algorithms for mining databases consisting of matched genetic and clinical outcome information from large sample sizes. Ultimately, these predictive algorithms will be used to underpin clinical decision support tools in the treatment of patients with cancer. This post will involve working closely with a team including software development and bioinformatics specialists. You will have or be close to completing a PhD, or you will have a similar level of industry experience. You will have good communication skills and enjoying working in a team environment.


Essential Skills Good degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Bioinformatics, or Computer Science PhD or equivalent high-level industry experience Working knowledge of programming languages and relevant statistical packages Enjoy working as part of a team Desirable Skills Experience in statistical approaches to large-scale data mining

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About Our Organization

14M Genomics Ltd is a new company, based in Cambridge UK, developing clinical decision support tools for the diagnosis, treatment and surveillance of cancer. Working in partnership with the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, our research will enrich our understanding of the role of cancer genes in the biology of disease. We are using DNA sequencing techniques and intensive computational pipelines to accurately interpret the associations between genetics and clinical outcomes. Our customers will be the oncology community, pharmaceutical partners and academic institutes, working together to improve the lives of cancer patients. We offer an exciting opportunities for experienced bioinformaticians to join our scientific and medical team, to create linked clinical and genetic databases. Initial work will include close interaction with research staff in the Cancer Genome Project (

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