Biomaterials Research Associate II

DSM Biomedical
Job Location
Exton, PA
Job Description

About DSM
DSM Biomedical is a market leader in regenerative medicine and in the supply of biomaterials for medical devices. We have established a team of exceptionally talented and experienced individuals who are committed to innovation, collaboration and improving the medical professional and patient experiences.Our company possesses expertise in the research, development, scale-up and supply of novel materials and medical devices. This market is growing at a double digit rate and is characterized by long term commitment. Intellectual property is of paramount importance in this high value added market arena.DSM Biomedical is organized in several business units around a combination of technological platforms. These business units are regionally anchored and serve a global customer base. DSM Biomedical is part of the DSM Innovation Center and provides a proprietary product portfolio with coatings, drug delivery platforms and a wide range of biomedical materials that enable the replacement, repair, enhancement and the regeneration of tissue and organ functions in the body. Its novel materials-based solutions are designed to meet the needs of the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. The ultimate objective is to improve the outcome for patients. DSM’s medical device expertise spans one of the broadest portfolios of medical materials, including biostable polyurethanes, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene’s, resorb able polymers, ceramics, collagens, extracellular matrices, silicone hydrogels, device coatings, and drug delivery platforms. Millions of products are produced each year for applications in orthopedics, sports medicine, ophthalmology, general surgery and cardiology.

The Position
Collaborate with the Biomaterials Department in the development of new materials and products through testing and/or production. Assure that Kensey Nash products are of consistent and high quality by: conducting experiments, assisting Manufacturing and Quality Control, and generate tabulate and analyze data in an organized and retrievable fashion.

The Challenge
1.Collaborate with the Biomaterials staff in developing/designing test methods, and conducting experiments. This may involve physical testing, equipment testing and other tests as they are required. 2.Analyze and tabulate data, prepare brief reports, and make recommendations on experiments and/or tests. Write/issue experiment summaries. 3.Assist with process development and validation. 4.Keep detailed and accurate records of all experimentation according to GLP guidelines. 5.Manage laboratory, laboratory supplies, equipment and documents. 6.Train other employees on testing and/or products and manufacturing techniques. 7.Develop tests methods, production methods or implement new test equipment with minimal supervision. 8.Possess a common knowledge of biomaterials and/or test equipment. 9.Conduct assisted research into materials, test methods or production methods. 10.Collaborate with the Biomaterials, Manufacturing and Quality Control teams as needed. 11.Perform other duties as assigned by the Supervisor.

The Ideal
EDUCATION: 4-year science degree or equivalent. Biological or chemical science background required. B.S. in Analytical Chemistry a plus. EXPERIENCE: 2 to 5 years experience in chemical or biological laboratory. SUPERVISION: Works with technical assistance from Biomaterials personnel.WORKING CONDITIONS: Will work primarily in Analytical/ Biomaterials laboratory, remainder of time may be spent in manufacturing and QC laboratory. Will be required to work with toxic and/or caustic chemicals. Must follow all safety regulations including the wearing of appropriate attire, including but not limited to lab coat, gloves, goggles, mask, respirator. ABILITIES: Good written and oral communications skills; basic math, chemistry, and biology skills; an understanding of laboratory principles and theory, computer literate.

The Procedure and Contact
DSM's wide diversity of disciplines makes it possible to offer employees a great variety of roles throughout their career. For instance, you may start your career in an area related to your education/qualifications, but your future is what you make of it. At DSM we stimulate people to determine their own career path and we encourage international careers. We strive to be an Employer of Choice and ensure that our employees are nurtured and given the opportunity to develop their talents.To learn more about DSM's HR vision and policy, and apply on-line please visit our website. Reference check procedure, Background checks and drug testing are part of the DSM Recruitment & Selection Process.

About Our Organization

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