Bioinformatics Scientist - Kelly/NIH - RTP, NC

Kelly Government Solutions at the NIH
Job Location
Durham, NC 27709

This is a long-term contract position which offers:
- Competitive salary with comprehensive benefit package
- Tremendous growth opportunity
- Opportunity to work at NIH, the world's foremost medical research center
- Learn more about what Kelly can do for you at

Job Description

TASKS. The contractor shall:

  • Lead a team that conducts NextGen sequence data analyses including mapping, statistical analyses, meta-analyses, pathways analyses, principle components analyses and others.
  • Provide leadership and ensure success for large scale re-sequencing projects including variation (polymorphism and structural) and de novo assembly; extract and conceptualize biological meaning from these large data.
  • Oversee and optimize longitudinal NextGen data analyses including examination of short RNA-seq, GRO-seq, ChIP-seq, nucleosome mapping, DGE/RNA-seq, methyl-seq and others in correlation to genomic stability data.
  • Lead team that supports analyses of tiling and expression microarray data including peak finding, analyses of multiple models, organisms and experimental designs.
  • Write custom programs and algorithms to support data analyses and discovery and integrate those across enterprise solutions supporting strategic data analyses initiatives.
  • Lead team that validates all types of NextGen sequence data including implementation of novel validation and quality control methods.
  • Train biologists in data analyses and interpretation and coordinate with bioinformatics programmers to generate biologist-friendly tools and procedures.
  • Prepare reports and publication quality graphics including providing written documents describing methods.
  • Attend group meetings with biologists; present findings to individuals and groups.
  • Set up and maintain work stations as needed; identify and operate commercial software and freeware relevant to analyses.



REQUIREMENTS. The contractor must have:

  • Ph. D. in bioinformatics, biostatistics or computational biology.
  • Minimum of four (4) years of related experience.
  • Demonstrated experience working with data derived in genome stability and re-sequencing investigations.
  • Demonstrated fluency working in Windows, Macintosh and UNIX/Linux environment and broad familiarity working in a high-performance computing environment.
  • Demonstrated programming/scripting ability in one or more languages such as Perl/Python/Java/C++ or equivalent with experience in algorithm generation.
  • Familiarity working with statistical/mathematical packages such as R/MATLAB or equivalent.
  • Demonstrated skill in extracting and describing complex high dimensional data and presenting those data in a biologically meaningful context.
  • Demonstrated oral and written communications skills as evidenced by a record of publications and presentations at scientific conferences.
How to Apply
About Our Organization

Kelly Government Solutions is a strategic supplier and business partner to the federal government and its key suppliers.  Through our partnership with the National Institutes of Health, Kelly Government Solutions offers administrative, IT, engineering, scientific, and healthcare professionals the opportunity to work with one of the most prestigious research organizations in the world.  We are currently seeking a Computational Biologist to work onsite with the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.

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