Bioinformatics Scientist II

Bayer CropScience
Job Location
Morrisville, NC
Job Description

Major Tasks:
• Collaborate with team members to optimize and enhance the bioinformatics capacity to identify relevant functional genetic elements and genetic variations from large quantities of proprietary sequence and trait data;
• Manage next-generation sequencing (NGS) data and analyze using databases and tools and integrating with other BCS databases;
• Maintain and extend a robust knowledge of omics and informatics and communicate those knowledge effectively to bench scientists;
• Develop novel bioinformatics tools and/or innovatively utilize existing tools to build custom workflows or pipelines that maximize the bioinformatics contribution to R&D research goals;
• Participate in a multi-disciplinary team of scientists to offer data-driven solutions to discover novel traits for controlling pests and diseases in plants;
• Advance knowledge of the dynamics of plant, microbe and pest/pathogen interaction using various omics technology to elucidate the mechanism-of-action of BCS products.


The candidate is required to possess the following:
• Ph.D. in Bioinformatics or related discipline with 3 or more years of bioinformatics experience;
• Experience with NGS analysis in a high performance computing environment;
• Diverse experience with sequence management, assembly and annotation, variance detection, gene regulation, protein optimization/engineering, comparative genomic analysis in various organisms;
• Ability to handle large data sets efficiently using scripts;
• In depth familiarity with various public genomics databases, statistical software tools and packages such as R and bioinformatics algorithms, particularly in the analysis of NGS data;
• Extensive knowledge of programming languages, e.g. Python, Perl, C, etc., and of relational databases;
• Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment and the ability to adapt to the atmosphere of a dynamic research organization;
• Experience in three or more of the following areas: comparative genomics; transcriptome sequencing analysis; phylogenetic analysis; pathway modeling and analysis; metagenomics analysis; genome wide association studies.

How to Apply
Phone +1 877 229-3727

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