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Bioinformatics Scientist

Job Location
5200 Illumina Way
San Diego, CA 92122
United States
Job Description


Job Description

Why is one person more likely to develop a disease like cancer, diabetes or Parkinson’s than someone else? Why would one person respond differently to treatment than another? What is the most effective treatment for each patient? Illumina’s technologies are helping researchers and clinicians around the world to answer these questions, and others, on a scale not even possible a few years ago.

Our team specializes in developing algorithms and software for genomic data, from raw images through interpreted human genomes.  Challenges in this area include handling specific sample types or variant calling problems.  In addition, assembling methods into an end-to-end pipeline poses integration challenges.  We develop methods to address these challenges and provide a sample-to-answer pipeline with high reliability, speed, and completeness of results.
We are seeking an exceptional individual to join our team in developing DNA analysis solutions for use by researchers and clinicians worldwide.  This software will be a key part of new sequencing platforms. These methods will also be a key component of population-scale sequencing projects as well as a sample-to-actionable-answer workflow for rare and undiagnosed genetic disease.


•    Construction and improvement of high-performance image analysis pipelines for new sequencing platforms
•    Creation and iterative enhancement of sequence analysis workflows (i.e. read alignment, variant calling, and variant annotation) to support both research and clinical products.
•    Design, prototype, and implementation of computational algorithms that utilize both statistical and machine learning approaches.
•    Software optimization at the design, algorithm, and source code level.
•    Deep collaboration with other teams to ensure a smooth, end-to-end workflow with external organizations.

•    Strong background in developing production-grade software. Experience with C#, C++, or C is required.
•    Personal initiative and ability to work effectively as part of a team.
•    Familiarity with applying statistical approaches to algorithm development.
•    Superior written and verbal communication skills.
•    Basic knowledge of genomics, genetics, and sequencing technologies.

•    Experience with analysis of human whole-genome sequencing data.
•    Experience with image processing algorithms and techniques.
•    Familiarity with agile software development processes (e.g. Scrum).
•    Experience with using version control systems such as git.
•    Experience with cloud computing, parallel computing, and big data.

•    Master’s degree or PhD in bioinformatics, biology, engineering, physical sciences, computer science, mathematics, statistics, or equivalent.

How to Apply

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