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Bioinformatics Research Officer - Epigenetics Research

Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Job Location
384 Victoria St
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Job Description

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research (Garvan) is one of Australia’s leading medical research institutes, with over 600 scientists, students and support staff.  Its mission is to make significant contributions to medical research that will change the directions of science and medicine and have major impacts on human health. Garvan’s research encompasses immunology, bone biology, neuroscience, diabetes and metabolism, cancer, and genomics and epigenetics. These research activities are organised within four themes: Cancer, Inflammatory Diseases, Healthy Aging, and Genomics, and two Centres: the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics and the Garvan-Weizmann Centre for Cellular Genomics.

The Genomics and Epigenetics Theme is an integrated series of strongly interactive Research Groups undertaking research aimed at understanding genome biology and its impact on disease. The Theme's vision is to interpret the information encoded within the genome and elucidate how the pattern of spatial and temporal epigenetic and resulting transcriptional processes control human development. In addition to this how disruption of these processes contributes to cancer and other diseases, including diabetes and neurological and immunological disorders; and to translate this knowledge to improve health outcomes through development of biomarkers and potential therapeutic targets

The Opportunity

The Genomics and Epigenetics Theme is expanding its bioinformatics team for the development and implementation of statistical and bioinformatics tools and analyses of large genomic and epigenomic and chromatin conformation sequencing data. This includes projects in DNA methylation biomarker discovery and validation. The incumbent will also have close interaction with other post-doctoral scientists, PhD students and Research Assistants in the Epigenetics group, as well as with other members of this group and the wider Cancer Theme.

This is a one year fixed term position with possibility to extend.

Key Responsibilities

  • Co-lead the computational and statistical analysis of epigenome and genomic sequencing data sets and integration with RNA, chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing data to define new paradigms of cancer epigenome regulation.
  • Co-lead the computational and statistical analysis of chromatin conformation sequencing and capture sequencing data to determine three dimensional epigenome regulation.
  • Enhance DNA methylation biomarker discovery and validation projects, using large scale DNA methylation array based studies and multiplex PCR bisulphite sequencing.
  • Development of and implementation of existing and new bioinformatics tools and systems available for large scale genome and epigenome analysis.
  • Aid in the management of data storage and maintain and update computational pipelines to ensure best practice.
  • Teach bioinformatics skills to other researchers in the Epigenetics Laboratory on a regular basis.
  • Development of and implementation of existing bioinformatics tools and systems available for large scale genome analysis.
  • Keeping abreast of emerging tools and statistical methods and develop new tools in the bioinformatics field.
  • All staff are required to comply with Garvan’s Work Health & Safety (WHS) Policy and work in accordance with the WHS management system at all times.

The successful candidate should possess the following:

  • A PhD graduate from a quantitative discipline (statistics, bioinformatics, mathematics, physics, software engineering, information technology, computer science or a relate field) who is looking to develop an independent research career.
  • Experience with machine learning methods and multivariate statistics operating at a senior level
  • Experience with Stata, R and BioConductor
  • Proficiency in programming skills in Java (preferably experience with Java 8) with the ability to work comfortably in a Linux environment is desirable
  • Familiarity with the Unix command line
  • Familiarity with web-based bioinformatics resources such as NCBI, UCSC and NetAffx
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of molecular biology: DNA transcription and translation
  • Skills in analysis of WGS, WGBS data, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, and HiC-seq data
  • Strong commitment to data organisation and implementation of quality controls
  • Excellent communication skills for written reports and oral presentations
  • Capacity to work co-operatively with other team members
  • Be well organised and a good time manager
How to Apply

To apply for this position, please submit your application with a CV, cover letter and academic transcripts. As we will be reviewing applications as they are received, we encourage you to submit yours as soon as possible.

Only applicants with full working rights in Australia are eligible to apply for this role.

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