Bioinformatics Programmer

Cellular Research, Inc.
Job Location
4040 Campbell Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Commensurate with experience
Job Description
  • Work closely with senior bioinformatics scientists and bench scientists to program and validate assay design and analysis pipeline for our genetic cytometry product
  • Implement new pipeline features
  • Maintain pipeline issue tracking system
  • Debug pipelines and address pipeline issues raised by internal users in R&D and external collaborators
  • Perform benchmark analysis and evaluate pipeline performance
  • Support basic data analysis relating to pipeline performance
  • Package analysis pipeline and tools in exportable formats for internal and external users
  • Evaluate third party bioinformatics tools for applications to our genetic cytometry data
  • Collaborate effectively with other employees to help advance the company’s research and development and commercial goals
  • BSc or MS in bioinformatics, computer science, statistics, mathematics, genetics, biomedical engineering, or related field required
  • Must have basic knowledge of molecular biology, and experience with major bioinformatics tools such as GenBank, BLAST, UCSC Genome Browser, Primer3 etc.
  • Must have experience programming with Python, as well as the Unix/Linux platform and GitHub
  • Experience with basic statistical analysis in R preferred
  • Experience handling large biological data (e.g. next-generation sequencing and microarray data) and knowledge of basic informatics tools for analyzing these data (sequence alignment, clustering etc.) preferred
  • Capacity to work in a fast-paced environment coupled with the emerging challenges of a rapidly evolving field
  • Highly motivated, self-starter and problem solver
  • Good communication skills
About Our Organization

Cellular Research, Inc., is a biotechnology research and development company founded in 2011 by innovators from Silicon Valley and Stanford University and was recently acquired by Becton Dickinson Genomics.   Our mission is to revolutionize life science research by enabling high-precision molecular assays focusing on single cells and precious samples for application in basic research, drug discovery and clinical biology.  Cellular Research has developed Molecular Indexing to deliver these new capabilities.  This technology enables direct and precise counting of individual molecules, genes, chromosomes, and other genetic molecules in very small samples and individual cells.

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