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Bioinformatics Postdoctoral Fellow

Fusion Genomics Corporation
Job Location
Discovery Park, Simon Fraser University
Metro Vancouver, BC

All employees receive a base level number of options in the company after completing a probationary period.  Persons with excellent skills and work ethics will receive significant additional option awards.

Job Description

FUSION GENOMICS is looking for a postdoctoral fellow to lead the development of our bioinformatics pipeline and methods. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing and implementing our influenza and hepatitis C virus genotyping pipelines. The ideal candidate will have significant experience in Next Generation Sequencing data analysis (preferably in infectious disease metagenomics) and also have a good publication record.

An outstanding candidate will also come with one or more of the following; experience in developing and implementing parallel algorithms, industrial software engineering, strong interest and skills in data visualization, some web front-end and back-end development.

  • Proficiency in at least one scripting language – Python, Perl, or R
  • Proficiency in C/C++ (or Java, but willing to learn C/C++)
  • Experience with SQL and RDBMS (PostgreSQL or MySQL/MariaDB)
  • Experience in Next Generation Sequencing data analysis (using popular aligners such as BWA and Bowtie2, and FASTQ/SAM/BAM processing tools such as BEDtools and SAMtools)
  • Strong understanding of statistical techniques and bioinformatics algorithms
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
How to Apply

Email CV and cover letter to 

About Our Organization

Fusion Genomics (FG) Corp. produces molecular, DNA-based, diagnostic tests that provide superior clinical information, faster turn-around-times and ease of use for the health care clients. Our proprietary DNA capture technology and cloud based informatics that offer a platform to rapidly develop MDx assays for infectious diseases. Target DNA once captured with our “Quantum” Platform is sequenced using next generation sequencing (NGS), providing an unprecedented view of the pathogen(s) genome.

Tests based on our Quantum Platform offer low cost NGS diagnostic tools that are comprehensive and scalable (can replace multiple current tests), while delivering superior sensitivity, resolution and turnaround time.  We have already proven the effectiveness and applicability of our Quantum Platform by developing a highly sensitive Influenza genotyping assay. We believe that we have the opportunity to develop tests of unprecendented breath and sensitivity - even a test that could capture all possible blood pathogens that cause disease.

Join us in this interesting journey to see what we can achieve with our technology.

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