Bioinformatics Position in Stem Cell Epigenomics

Wayne State University / Karmanos Cancer Institute
Job Location
Detroit, MI 48201
Job Description

Postdoctoral and research assistant positions are available in the laboratory of Dr. Benjamin Kidder at Wayne State University in the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute. Dr. Kidder’s lab focuses on epigenetic mechanisms of stem cell fate (Kidder et al. Genome Biology, 2014; Kidder et al. Nature Immunology 2011; Kidder et al. Genome Research 2010; Kidder et al. Stem Cells 2009), genome stability, and reprogramming/transdifferentiation (Kidder et al. MCB 2013; Kidder, Editor “Stem Cell Transcriptional Networks: Methods and Protocols, MIMB 2014), using experimental, genomics, and bioinformatics approaches. We integrate functional studies and computational analysis of epigenomic and transcriptomic data. More information can be found on our website:


Qualified bioinformaticians or computational biologists should have a (1) Ph.D. or master’s degree in Bioinformatics, Genomics, Computer Science, Statistics, or a related field, (2) computer programming skills in at least one language (python, perl, C/C++, R), (3) experience with analyzing next-generation datasets (preferred but not required), (4) first or co-first publications, (5) excellent communication skills (oral and written).

Experimental biologists with broad expertise in stem cell biology, mammalian tissue culture, next-generation sequencing, molecular biology, biochemistry, mouse models, bioinformatics or an equivalent field are encouraged to apply. This position offers the opportunity to work closely with computational biologists or bioinformaticians in a collaborative environment. The successful applicant should have a (1) Ph.D. degree in Cellular or Molecular Biology, Biochemistry or an equivalent field and the following qualities: (2) skilled and highly motivated, (3) first or co-first author publications, (4) excellent communication skills (oral and written).

How to Apply

Interested applicants should email a cover letter with a description of research interests, curriculum vitae, and contact information for three references with subject “Postdoctoral Position” to Dr. Benjamin Kidder at: [email protected]

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