Bioinformatics Interns (Summer 2015)

J. Craig Venter Institute
Job Location
9704 Medical Center Drive
Rockville, MD 20850


Job Description

J. Craig Venter Institute (“JCVI”), a dynamic non-profit scientific research organization is currently seeking summer interns specializing in Bioinformatics to work on the Arabidopsis Information Portal ( The project is funded by the National Science Foundation to provide public informatics resources to plant scientists who use the Arabidopsis genome data to inform their exploration of biology. Arabidopsis thaliana is a widely used as a model organism for the study of flowering plants. The plant's genome was previously sequenced and annotated and published by an international consortium that included JCVI. The Araport web site provides a genome browser, a data mining application, and a workspace where end users develop their own data services and visualization tools. JCVI is a non-profit institution with on-going basic research programs focused on many aspects of genome science.

Interns with biological interests will work on enhancing the site's content and usability for researchers. Interns with computer science backgrounds will write Python programs to expose data via web services and write JavaScript programs to visualize data. Work will include development of tutorial documents and videos for on-line education. Interns will be trained to perform these tasks. The internships will require full-time attendance (40 hours per week) at JCVI's headquarters in Rockville, MD, USA. The internships will run 8-12 weeks during the summer of 2015. Interns will be paid hourly wages determined by their level of education. Interns will receive web site attribution for contributions made.


Equal Opportunity Employer Minority/Female/Veteran/Disabled



Interns with backgrounds and interests in either the biological or computer sciences and at all educational levels - high school, college, graduate post-doc or faculty - will be considered.

How to Apply

To apply for our summer internship program, apply via the JCVI Careers Page at:   Please include in one attachment the following items:  In the space set aside for attaching your resume, please submit the following in one file:
1. A resume; 2. An essay addressing the following topics: What interests you in science (or specialized area) and why? How does the Internship support your interest and professional goals? What strengths would your bring to the Internship? Let us know something about yourself that we might not learn from the rest of this application; 3. Current high school or college transcripts as appropriate (does not have to be official).

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