Bioinformatics Engineer/Developer

Sophia Genetics
Job Location
1025 St.-Sulpice
Job Description

We are looking for people who have a passion for bio-medical technology and an interest in solving complex challenges using machine learning. Individuals with integrity who instil confidence and can build trust with customers. Self-starters who instinctively push themselves and Sophia Genetics to new levels of performance. We prize intellectual ability over experience, with an aptitude to learn and challenge the status quo.

Job Description:

You will be involved in the development of Sophia DDM™, our clinical grade NGS data analysis platform. Being supervised by the Chief Technology Officer, your main responsibilities will be:

•  Improve the performance and reduce resource requirements of existing pipeline modules

•  Develop new features and pipeline modules

•  Review and proactively improve data analysis pipeline designs

•  Assist in the release procedure and testing

•  Work closely with IT, Bio-IT and QA departments to meet pipeline quality and efficiency requirements


You are motivated, enthusiastic and flexible. You are a team player and have the capacity to work independently on a project to completion.

You hold an MSc or PhD degree in Computer Science, Bioinformatics or a related field. You have a solid Computer Science background and expertise in high volume data processing. You enjoy tweaking tools and find efficient solutions for complex algorithmic problems. You can demonstrate excellence in the following areas:

•  Fluency in a compiled language such as C/C++ or Java

•  Experience with multi-threading and parallel computing

•  Proficiency in linux bash scripting and another scripting language (e.g. R, python, perl)

•  Bioinformatics/genetics experience and familiarity with R is a plus

The candidate must speak English , any other language would be an advantage

Starting: as soon as possible.

About Our Organization

Sophia Genetics is a young and dynamic company, the European leader in Data Driven Medicine with headquarters in Switzerland. With over 70 employees from 15 different nationalities, we are present in 20 different countries mainly in Europe. Sophia Genetics helps clinical laboratories that perform routine clinical genetic analysis for personalized healthcare to overcome the cost and complexity related to the bioinformatics analysis, highly secured banking and reliable interpretation of the massive quantity of patient data generated by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). We provide Sophia DDM™, a clinicalgrade NGS analytics platform for routine diagnostics. Our goal is to simplify and enhance genetic testing providing the most efficient bioinformatics solution for clinical genetic data analysis.

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