Bioinformatics Engineer

J. Craig Venter Institute
Job Location
Rockville, MD
Job Description

J. Craig Venter Institute (“JCVI”), a dynamic non-profit scientific research organization is currently seeking a Bioinformatics Engineer for the Arabidopsis Information Portal (AIP) project. AIP provides federated integration, via RESTful web services, of publicly available data related to Arabidopsis thaliana, a model species for plant genomics. AIP offers customized versions of GMOD applications including JBrowse and InterMine.

The BE will develop and extend software for acquiring, parsing, storing, manipulating, and displaying biological data from third-party data providers. The BE will develop software with JavaScript, jQuery, Java, and Perl. The BE will manipulate data in XML and JSON files as well as in Postgres databases that use Chado and other schemas. The BE will use Unix command-line tools, SQL tools, Apache Tomcat web servers, the Jira issue tracking system, and the GitHub source code repository. The BE will actively participate in meetings with JCVI teammates and AIP partners around the world. The BE will perform configuration management for software and data related to AIP, including the planning and implementation of orchestrated updates to development and production servers.

JCVI offers an excellent working environment and a competitive benefits package. For more info or to apply, visit our web site at

Equal Opportunity Employer Minority/Female/Veteran/Disabled


The ideal candidate will have education, experience or training in most of these fields: Web Technologies, Database Management, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, and Biology. Organization skills, problem solving, testing experience, creativity, and facility with social media are also desirable. Candidates should demonstrate proficiency in several of these areas: coding in languages such as Java, Perl, and JavaScript, data manipulation with SQL; file manipulation with Unix command-line tools; use of source code versioning tools such as git; exploration of web interactions using browser developer tools.

How to Apply

JCVI offers an excellent working environment and a competitive benefits package. For more info or to apply, visit our web site at

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