Bioinformatics Developer

Sequencing LLC
Job Location
920 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite #128
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Job Description

Sequencing LLC is seeking a Bioinformatics Developer to join our team on either a contract or full-time basis. The Bioinformatics Developer will be working on groundbreaking big data projects such as These projects are at the forefront of the personal genomics and bioinformatics fields and include creating innovative pipelines and real-world applications for primary, secondary and tertiary analysis of genetic data.

Work for this position can be conducted virtually so applicants can be based anywhere in the world.


We are searching for a self-motivated bioinformatics expert who thinks creatively and is very detail oriented. In addition to excellent domain knowledge you should also have significant hands-on experience with coding pipelines and algorithms.

We are open to all applications that have significant expertise in bioinformatics including current masters or doctoral students, postdocs and seasoned bioinformatics experts.

Applicants should have the following background and skills:

  • Significant bioinformatics domain experience with genetics and genomics. Experience within the Personal Genomics field is a plus.

  • Knowledge and hands-on working experience working with public databases and open source repositories.

  • Experience of working with large datasets and Big Data from Next Generation sequencing platforms.

  • Hands on experience of developing pipelines for Next Generation Sequencing applications.

  • Software development experience.

  • Significant coding experience required in

  • Perl and/or Python

  • .NET

  • C# and/or JAVA will be considered a plus

  • Shell scripts

    • Experience with NGS tools and scripts

  • Open source genomics tools such as SamTools, Isaac, BWA, BowTie2, TopHat and other software tools such as GATK

    • Should be able to work with open source tools and implement them standalone or with custom tools and pipelines which will be created in-house.

  • Experience working, coding and optimizing multi-threaded applications

  • SQL databases

  • No-SQL databases

  • RESTful APIs

  • Algorithm development

  • BitBucket, GitHub and similar

  • IDEs such as Eclipse, Visual Studio or others

  • Web application development a plus

  • Innovative problem-solving abilities

  • Hardworking, self-motivated, goal-oriented and with attention to detail.

  • Should be able to work in small teams and in collaboration with managers and other software developers.



Education and Work Requirements:

  • MS, PhD-candidate or PhD in Bioinformatics

  • At least five years of software development / coding experience related to bioinformatics including next generation sequencing data and applications
How to Apply

Email [email protected] with a Cover Letter and your resume.

Applicants who qualify as awesome based upon initial review of his or her resume will then be asked to interview by phone or Skype with a member of the company’s bioinformatics team as well as a company executive. Applicants who live near Los Angeles may also be asked to interview in person.

About Our Organization

Sequencing LLC is a Southern California-based innovative, fast-paced software development company in the personal genomics industry. The company develops software solutions that provide real-world value for genetic data. Sequencing LLC brings genetics to the world through software that enables other companies and organizations to obtain tremendous value from genetic data.

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