Bioinformatics Analyst Senior

University of Michigan, Bioinformatics Core
Job Location
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Job Description

The Bioinformatics Analyst will work in a collaborative team environment to provide professional analysis services to Core customers. Bioinformatics is a highly dynamic field and the work will involve a) operation of well-developed and automated tools, b) testing, improvement, and implementation of tools, and c) custom analyses that require novel algorithm/tool development and integration. The Analyst will work closely with the UM DNA Sequencing Core to assess new technologies and their potential impacts on data analysis routines. Based on close attention to detail and critical thinking, the Analyst will identify potential anomalies in input data and/or results and work to resolve any quality issues. The Analyst will prepare professional reports for Core customers to communicate analysis results.  The Analyst will continually update his/her knowledge and skills in the field to remain at the forefront of bioinformatics research. The candidate will operate independently, when appropriate, and will collaborate effectively with other Core analysts and the project manager on a variety of tasks. Effective documentation of code and analysis methods, report preparation, and professional interaction with core customers (before, during, and after analysis) are important elements of the Analyst’s duties. 


An MS degree in an appropriate field emphasizing both computational skills and biological expertise (e.g. Computational Biology, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Statistical Genetics) is required, though a PhD is preferred. The candidate must be proficient with Linux as well as one or more scripting/programming languages (e.g. Python, Perl, Java, C). Laboratory research experience in a life science domain, customer service experience, and R programming experience are desired. The candidate must be familiar with a range of publicly available bioinformatics resources (e.g. NCBI/EMBL databases, Bioconductor modules) and have familiarity with gene and protein sequence analysis tools for assembly, alignment, annotation and visualization. Familiarity with proprietary resources (e.g. Genomatix/Ingenuity Pathways Analysis) is desired. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, effective interpersonal skills, and a drive to excel are required.

About Our Organization

The Bioinformatics Core is one of the Biomedical Research Core Facilities in the University of Michigan Medical School’s Office of Research. The Core is a centralized resource that performs data analysis on a fee-for-service basis across diverse areas of biomedical science, serving the analysis needs of both UM researchers and researchers outside of UM. A main focus of the Core is on analysis of next-generation sequencing data (e.g. exome-seq, genome resequencing, RNA-Seq, ChiP-Seq, de novo assembly of genomes), though we provide a full range of related analyses (e.g. enrichment testing, network/pathways analysis, microarray data analysis) as well as custom bioinformatics analyses as required by Core customers. Effective customer service is critical to the success of the Core.  

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