Bioinformatician/Data Scientist (m/f)

CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
Job Location
Lazarettgasse 14, AKH BT 25.3
1090 Vienna
Job Description

To support a highly active and extremely productive team of twenty scientists with core computational analyses, statistical evaluation and expert visualization of complex data, we are seeking a computational scientist. The candidate should have a degree either in computational science/engineering or biology. The candidate needs to be able to adapt and expertly use existing bioinformatics tools, have good statistical and script programming skills/experience (e.g. R - bioconductor, python, MATLAB) and interest in developing data analysis protocols/pipelines for large screening experiments. Experience in developing more complex software and algorithms is a bonus. Good command of the English language and good interpersonal skills are a must.

The Laboratory

The Superti-Furga laboratory consists of a highly collaborative team of 22 scientists from 11 nations. In the last three years, we published about 70 papers, among which 10% in Nature, Science or Cell and 15 in Nature sister journals. Historically, 23 postdocs published on average 9,5 papers within our lab (0-25) that were on average cited 686 times. More than 50% of postdocs went on to independent positions, two went to work as clinicians. None abandoned research. You will enjoy a supportive mentoring from the PI and profit from a budding Postdoc training program both at CeMM, with the other life science institutes in Vienna and, internationally, within the highly active and unique network of excellence of the 13 EU-Life institutes: Please visit our lab’s website:


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How to Apply

We offer a great working environment for passionate scientists and a generous employee benefits package. Please click on the link below and apply online for this position: 

At CeMM we are committed to increasing the percentage of female scientists working in life sciences, and thus we strongly encourage female applicants.

Closing date for applications: July 24th, 2016

About Our Organization

CeMM is a flagship institute for biomedical research in the heart of Europe, Vienna. CeMM is committed to highest scientific standards as exemplified by recent publications in top journals as well as by its top international scientific advisory board. The environment is very collaborative, dynamic and international. One of CeMM`s advantages is to be in close proximity to the Vienna Medical University Campus and the General Hospital (AKH). This allows the fruitful interaction of basic scientists with clinicians, and the use of models and cutting-edge technology to disease-relevant biological questions. According to a study by The Scientist, CeMM is ranked as the best European place to work in Academia 2012, internationally CeMM appears at the fourth place. For more information please visit:

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