Bioinformatician for the NIH/NCI Genomic Data Commons

University of Chicago | Center for Data Intensive Science
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Chicago, IL 60637
Job Description

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As a bioinformatician in CDIS, you will have an extraordinary opportunity to deliver on our mission to advance the role of data science in biology, medicine, and health care, and ultimately transform health care delivery for millions of patients throughout the world. You will design and implement bioinformatics services for the Genomic Data Commons project.  More specifically, you will work on developing pipelines for this project, including support for high-throughput genomic technologies. 

Execute, test and roll out project specific solutions. Ensure projects are managed in a timely and efficient manner and is appropriately documented. Provide follow up support services after initial project completion.  This may include developing and implementing software methodologies and computational tools as needed, keeping abreast of industry trends and new technologies, and recommending potential solutions based on the latest technical developments. The Bioinformatician will devise or modify procedures to solve complex problems and work at a high technical level in all phases of bioinformatics support activities. 



Doctoral degree in Bioinformatics, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, or a related field required.  


Required Experience

Minimum of two years of experience in the field of bioinformatics required. 

Experience in the bioinformatics of Next Generation sequencing technologies required. 
Experience using languages such as Java, SQL, XML, with C++, Perl, PHP, and/or JavaScript required. 
Familiarity with Linux and/or Unix required. 
Basic knowledge of molecular biology required. 
Basic knowledge of statistics required. 


Preferred Experience
Experience in employing high performance computing to solve parallelizable compute problems preferred. 
Experience providing bioinformatics services or other service roles preferred. 
Experience in project management preferred.  



Advanced knowledge in bioinformatics required. 

Ability to train others required. 
Advanced knowledge of high-throughput genomic technologies required. 
Advanced knowledge of programming and/or scripting languages such as Perl or C/C++ required. 
Knowledge of regulatory policies and procedures required. 
Analytical skills required. 

How to Apply

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About Our Organization

University of Chicago | Center for Data Intensive Science


The Center for Data Intensive Science (CDIS) at the University of Chicago is a center focused on data science and its applications to problems in biology, medicine and health care.


CDIS is leading several large projects, including the Genomic Data Commons (GDC), a collaboration with the National Cancer Institute.  The GDC will be the nation’s most comprehensive computational facility, which stores and harmonizes cancer genomic data generated through NCI-funded research programs. 


The GDC will provide an expandable, modern informatics framework that uses standards to make raw and processed genomic data broadly accessible. The GDC will harmonize and centralize existing NCI datasets through an approach to data storage and analysis similar to what is used by companies such as Google and Facebook. The GDC will eliminate a major chokepoint, streamlining access to data for researchers regardless of their institution’s size or budget—effectively democratizing access to the material. It will also enable previously unfeasible collaborative efforts between scientists.


The GDC serves as a key step toward the development of precision medicine—targeted treatments that are tailored to individual patients. Once fully developed, it will provide an interactive system for researchers and clinicians to upload their cancer genomics data and use it to identify the molecular subtype of cancer and potential therapeutic targets. Genetic data will be linked to extensive clinical information from patients and their response to treatment. 


The GDC also creates a foundation for future cloud-based technologies that one day will allow researchers to analyze large-scale datasets and perform experiments remotely. The open-source software being developed by the GDC has the potential to become a model for data-intensive research efforts for other diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes, which would greatly benefit from similar large-scale, data-driven approaches to develop cures.



Learn more about the Genomic Data Commons project at:



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