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14M Genomics Ltd
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United Kingdom

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This role will develop IT systems to securely track and accurately analyse large numbers of clinical cancer samples. Specifically, this will include developing IT systems to track the data, to call somatic mutations from the samples, generate high quality summary clinical reports of the resulting data and to securely relay the reports back to the treating clinician. You will be a Software Developer or Bioinformatician with a proven track record of developing high quality software solutions in the scientific or clinical fields. We are looking for a talented software developer who enjoys taking on challenging goals and working in a multi-disciplinary team environment.


Essential Skills Good degree in Bioinformatics, Scientific Discipline or Computer Science Experience of handling Next Generation sequencing data Working knowledge of Perl and Java Development experience in a UNIX/LINUX environment Database skills using ORACLE or MySQL Enjoy working as part of a team Desirable Skills Background or interest in cancer genetics Experience of developing code to GCLP or ISO standards Experience of working in an Agile Software Development Group Compiling and installing software tools in a UNIX/LINUX environment Experience of workflow management IT systems Web development

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About Our Organization

14M Genomics Ltd is a new company, based in Cambridge UK, developing clinical decision support tools for the diagnosis, treatment and surveillance of cancer. Working in partnership with the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, our research will enrich our understanding of the role of cancer genes in the biology of disease. We are using DNA sequencing techniques and intensive computational pipelines to accurately interpret the associations between genetics and clinical outcomes. Our customers will be the oncology community, pharmaceutical partners and academic institutes, working together to improve the lives of cancer patients. We offer an exciting opportunity for experienced bioinformaticians to join our scientific and medical team, to create linked clinical and genetic databases. Initial work will include close interaction with research staff in the Cancer Genome Project (

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