Back-End & Front-End Software Developer

Evogene, Israel
Job Location
Job Description

Software developer to work in close interaction with a multi-disciplinary team of bioinformaticians, algorithm developers and biology researchers as end users. The work involves developing multi-tier front-end/back-end systems, including complex data integration pipelines, data structures and DB schemas representing biological concepts, rich UI with data visualization graphics.


B.Sc. in computer science or equivalent work experience.
Strong experience in developing back-end systems.
Strong experience in developing front-end systems for rich UIs and data visualization, especially using Web technologies.
Hands-on experience with: JavaScript, ExtJS or JQuery, HTML, DOM, AJAX, JSON.
Experience with scripting developing: Perl or Python programming.
Experience with Data Bases (SQL, data layer modules) and NoSQL solutions for Big Data analysis.
Understanding software life cycle, multi-tier design, RIA, SOA, OO and modularity concepts, event-driven interface.

Advantages: Background in ExtJS, AngularJS, Node.js, Oracle, NoSQL DBs (MongoDB, CouchDB) system level knowledge of Unix/Linux. Background in bioinformatics / chemoinformatics R programming

Skills: Good interpersonal skills. Strong team worker, good collaboration abilities. Fast and flexible learner.

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