Associate Research Scientist

RedVault Biosciences
Job Location
Houston, TX 77027
RedVault offers a highly competitive compensation package, commensurate with experience.
Job Description

RedVault Biosciences is seeking an experienced associate research scientist that will contribute significantly to the research and development of cutting edge genomic and diagnostic technologies.

This scientist will design, perform and report on complex experiments using standard and novel molecular biology and chemistry techniques.

The scientist will contribute to the preparation of grants, scientific papers, and intellectual property documentation and should independently contribute to further technology development.


RedVault aims to foster an innovative, collaborative, and academic environment and this position will rely heavily on creative idea generation, clear organized communication, a focused commitment to detail and the timely and independent completion of highly complex projects.

Applicants should hold at minimum, a bachelors degree in a relevant scientific field (biology, biochemistry, genetics, bio-engineering, etc.). Significant hands-on laboratory experience (2+ years) is required.

The qualified candidate will have a comprehensive working knowledge of molecular biology concepts and should have significant experience with all standard laboratory practices and molecular biology techniques, particularly:

  • Nucleic acid isolation, purification, quantification and manipulation
  • Nucleic acid amplification - PCR, RCA/RCR, polymerase selection, buffer preparation, etc.
  • Nucleic acid library construction for next-generation sequencing and other applications
  • Clear understanding of nucleic acid kinetics and the ability to design, perform, and optimize complex reactions using in-silico and in-vitro approaches

The position demands strict documentation of all procedures and the ability to analyze and present scientific data. The scientist should have in-depth working knowledge of available scientific databases and common bioinformatics tools. Clear, professional written and oral communication skills are a must and candidates should be comfortable working in a multi-disciplinary, fast-paced and collaborative environment.

How to Apply

Please submit cover letter and curriculum vitae at:

About Our Organization

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