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Associate Director, Microbiology

Specific Diagnostics
Job Location
855 Maude Ave
Mountain View, CA 94043
United States
Job Description

The Job

This is the job for you if want to be where your ideas will be central to world-changing and lifesaving products. Microbiology research is at the core of our company we are seeking an exceptional talent to join our team. We are seeking to add a senior member to our strong team of microbiologists. You will be a key contributor and critical to the success of the company; since this is a senior role, key responsibilities include:

• Working independently and as a member of a cross-functional team to support microbiology research and development

• Overseeing the development team executing analytical studies

• Providing team members with daily test plans, technical guidance, and training, as well as identifying resources needed to meet or exceed project goals

• Authoring and reviewing protocols, reports, SOPs, work instructions and other product related documents

The job includes experimental research and development and team management to create a cutting edge in-vitro diagnostic system. Experience in product development for medical diagnostics is a plus. Ideally you have proven expertise in planning and executing laboratory experiments, directing a team of microbiologists, data acquisition, and data interpretation. You have experience working within regulatory guidelines. Domain knowledge in the clinical studies is a definite plus. The job requires in-depth knowledge and proficiency in standard microbiological methods such as dilution and enumeration of microorganisms, stocking frozen strains, isolation and identification of pathogenic microorganisms, preparation and sterilization of culture media, aseptic techniques, components of culture media and impact on growth. You must be able to work in compliance with FDA and ISO guidelines in the regulated IVD arena.



We are adding only the most exceptional talent to our outstanding team of engineers and scientists. You should have a track record of success in your education and projects, along with the following characteristics and skills:

• PhD in Microbiology or similar discipline with 3+ years of industrial experience or M.S. in equivalent majors with 6+ years of industrial experience

• Experience, training and talent to manage a team of microbiologists

• Proven proficiency in data analysis, research design, troubleshooting, and evaluation of new technologies and procedures.

• Experience in development and validation of clinical diagnostic/susceptibility assays for infectious disease.

• Clinical Microbiology Laboratory experience is a plus.

• Familiarity with data visualization tools such as Tableau or scripting with Python is a plus.

• Experience working with multidrug-resistant bacteria and/or Mycobacterium Tuberculosis is preferred. • A team player that works well managing a team and can independently

• Ready for a fast-paced biotech start-up.

Creating new-to-the-world, impactful products, requires passion, smarts, strength, persistence, and hard work. You should be able to solve difficult problems and get big things done. You will be self-motivated, highly organized, and flexible. Ability to independently manage a project is needed and you must be able to adapt to shifting priorities. If you just sat next to the guy who did it, do not apply; you will not succeed.

If you are interested and up for the challenge, please contact us at

How to Apply

If you are interested and up for the challenge, please contact us at

About Our Organization

The Company

The world is facing a medical crisis, bacteria are increasingly evolving resistance to even our strongest antibiotics. The problem is already very real and immediate; for example, bloodstream infection leading to sepsis is now responsible for more than half of all deaths in hospitals and is the most expensive condition treated in hospitals. Sepsis mortality rate increases >6% every hour without effective antibiotic treatment. Yet, despite the life and death urgency, and healthcare cost impacts, current methodologies require 3 days to determine the correct antibiotic. Specific Diagnostics has developed a breakthrough solution to rapidly determine the effective antibiotic treatment for bloodstream and other acute infections. Used for bloodstream infection Specific’s solution provides results 2 days sooner (1 day vs 3 days). Importantly, Specific’s solution cost and workflow match current lab practices and cost expectations; the system will be easily deployable. We offer an opportunity to join us at an inflection point in our commercial growth, with our first commercial product being released new venture capital funding and recognition from major customers and government agencies fueling an expansion of our staff.

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