Assistant Toxicologist

Job Location
Greenfield, IN
Job Description

Provides administrative and scientific support for toxicology studies including pre-study tasks (i.e. protocol development, costing, scheduling) monitoring the in-life progress of assigned studies, interacting with clients and preparing basic report components (i.e.drafting progress reports, writing report procedures, and reviewing results and conclusions in final reports for accuracy).

¨ Provides administrative backup support for Study Director on day to day study specific activities or tasks.

¨ Initiates costing and scheduling requests with assistance.

¨ Participates in preinitiation, prewriting, and other study-related meetings, as required.

¨ Takes and distributes Preinitiation Meeting minutes.

¨ Drafts protocols and revisions for Study Director review and approval.

¨ Verifies that project schedule sheets accurately reflect the requirements of the protocol.

¨ Coordinates study and reporting process on assigned studies.

¨ Develops proficiency in specific software used in study conduct.

¨ Becomes familiar with routine study procedures.

¨ Assists Study Director in monitoring critical phases of routine studies and report any problems or deviations to the Study Director.

¨ Compiles data for draft summary reports for periodic study progress.

¨ Reviews data packages from the lab areas and identify deficiencies.

¨ Writes and prepare the routine study procedures, tables and graphs for the report.

¨ Incorporates contributing reports into the main toxicology report.

¨ Performs preliminary review of reports to assure completeness and accuracy prior to formal peer reviews.

¨ Performs formal peer reviews.

¨ Addresses QA audits relating to reports, with oversight.

¨ Ensures that all client comments are addressed and documented in a timely manner and that revised or final reports are scheduled and mailed.
¨ Assists with hosting client visits

Bachelor's degree in a related science field Experience may be substituted for education.
Experience Two to three years experience in toxicology or a Master's Degree in a science field
EEO Employer Covance is committed to diversity in the workplace and is an equal opportunity employer (Minority/Female/Individual with Disability/Veteran). Your confidentiality and privacy are important to us.

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