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Assistant Research Scientist in Genomics

NYU Langone Medical Center
Job Location
New York, NY
Job Description

Scientific and Operational

  • Responsible for assisting with installation, implementation and operation of highly specialized equipment and instrumentation in the GTC shared resource laboratory.
  • Responsible for the sample handling, preparation, QC analysis, sequencing, to generate high quality data for further analysis and interpretation.
  • Conduct method and protocol development for collection and quality of research data to enable genomics analyses performed in the GTC.
  • Interface seamlessly with Bioinformatics scientists
  • Ensures timely and accurate completion of research projects and data delivery.
  • Maintains a thorough knowledge of the advances in technology and applications for genomics research through attendance of scientific conferences.
  • Responsible for data entry into the LIMS system 
  • Performs other related duties as assigned                                                                                        

Communications/ Relationships with others

  • Provides guidance, cooperates, communicates and relates well to all levels of NYULMC Staff..
  • Communicates ideas, problems, suggestions, and messages in a timely and effective manner.
  • Maintains confidentiality of all research information.
  • Maintains excellent and professional-level communication skills in oral and written English.                  


  • Bsc. or M.S. in genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, computational biology or related fields with 2- 3 years of experience in genomics research laboratory.   Has a thorough and demonstrable knowledge of instrumentation and analysis of genomics/genetics systems.  Excellent organization and multi-tasking skills.  Outstanding communication and customer based skills.
How to Apply

Please send all resumes to

About Our Organization

The NYU Genome Technology Core (GTC) is a fee-for-service laboratory operated by the NYU Langone Medical Center as a state-of-the-art shared resource for biomedical researchers. The GTC staff members develop and provide their knowledge and expertise to the research community at NYULMC in a broad variety of genomics research and applications. They work closely with investigators to define optimal experimental design, develop and maintain standards for all service procedures and troubleshooting, and provide guidance and service in data management and analysis.


The Assistant Research Scientist will report to Director of GTC. The successful candidate will coordinate and manage the operation of all the genomics resources available in the GTC, train users and assist in sample preparation for genomics analysis and will be responsible for performing a variety of complex laboratory tasks of a routine nature and standardized procedures to provide high quality genomics resource support for the research community. Under the supervision of the Director the candidate will be involved in method development and implementation of new procedures. 

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