Assistant Product Scientist - NGS Division

Job Location
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Job Description

MYcroarray is seeking an outgoing and experienced molecular biologist with NGS experience to join our target enrichment (TE) & next-generation sequencing (NGS) team. The ideal candidate will have experience planning and analyzing custom TE+NGS projects in an academic or industry setting, including bioinformatic skills, and a desire for helping other researchers bring their projects to fruition.

As a product scientist, you will directly communicate with domestic and international customers (genetics researchers in various fields across academia and industry) who are interested in our TE+NGS offerings. You will provide recommendations regarding how to effectively employ MYcroarray options (MYbaits® kits and MYreads® NGS services) for their TE+NGS research projects, and using our bioinformatic tools, you will assist them in designing custom TE probes for their specific application. In addition to technical familiarity with NGS library preparation and data analysis, this position requires creative, flexible thinking in order to accurately recommend effective TE+NGS research design strategies across a wide array of customer NGS research interests. A background in one or more of our customers' common fields of expertise is highly desired (e.g. applications in genomics, phylogenetics, evolutionary biology, disease research, etc., for any organism).

Routine activities will involve communicating with client-researchers regarding their unique TE+NGS needs, generating custom TE probe designs using command-line programs, and writing quotations. While NGS wet lab experience is extremely valuable, this position does not involve benchwork. Compensation is commensurate with experience.


  • Masters degree (or equivalent job experience) involving TE+NGS in molecular biology

  • Experience with custom NGS projects (planning, executing, and analyzing data)

  • Strong familiarity with genomics/phylogenetics research priorities

  • Adept with Linux OS, basic scripting, and command-line file manipulation

  • Excellent written and verbal skills for client communication (email, phone, videochat)

  • Commitment to high standards of customer service and research quality

  • Willingness to travel occasionally to professional meetings

At least one professional and/or academic reference is required and will be contacted.


  • Advanced working knowledge of bioinformatics and programming

  • Authorship of academic publication involving TE+NGS

  • Experience with NGS for challenging materials, e.g. degraded or low-input samples

  • Ph.D. holders or candidates will be considered

** This job description posting was edited Aug 17th, 2016

About Our Organization

MYcroarray is a scientist-owned biotech company specializing in custom affordable microarrays, DNA/RNA oligo libraries, and capture kits for NGS target enrichment. We are committed to providing personalized customer service & innovative solutions for unique research applications in molecular biology.

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