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Job Description

The Field Application Specialist Europe is responsible for basic and advanced trainings; application support of the GenePOC instrument, assays and total solution, software, Demo’s to prospects, new and existing customers (mainly KOL and in support of our Distribution Partners) and leading the trouble shooting efforts. You will be delivering Application and scientific support for the evaluation studies ongoing in the field led by GenePOC and in support of evaluations run by our partners insuring the appropriate outcomes to be achieved.

He/she is expected to represent GenePOC in a thoroughly professional way



-          Assist the European team in developing training concepts for GenePOC successful field implementation for instrument use, software, assays and procedures following the International and/or European guidelines and within the given time frames.

-          As part of the European commercial team developing professional training hand-outs, following the International and European guidelines, staying within label approved product use and performance statements. Identifies and reports new applications for GenePOC and being a first line runner to follow and spot trends in Molecular POCT.



-          Plans, organizes and performs operator trainings for new and existing customers (distributors, KOL, etc)

-          Provides application support and helps in troubleshooting to customers

-          Is able to provide scientific support in Molecular Biology in regards to operational and performance questions from customers

-          Identifies real complaints and is able to separate instrument from reagent from handling/operator issues; supports the complaint handling process and reports them according to the most recent guidelines;

-          Keeps his/her knowledge up to date with respect to new products and procedures to give an optimal support for trainings and demonstrations

-          Provide support at tradeshows, European and locally organized, to demonstrate on the platform and technology and support the local teams.

-          Manage and organize in house trainings and do demo’s at location;

-          Surveys the KOL evaluations initiated and led by the European commercialization team to achieve the desired outcome; support our distribution partner in their evaluation efforts to safeguard off label use.

-          Supporting the organization in managing beta testing efforts of new products

-          Gather input from users on potential product, workflow etc improvements and deliver these in a constructive and documented manner to the product development team

-          Supporting product management for new product development, pre-launch preparations etc



-          Reporting into TBD;

-          Provides call reports on a regular basis covering all activities towards the Customer Service Manager Europe and the Sales Director Europe on related tasks



-          Will be working closely together with the Sales and product director Europe to deliver implementation support and drive deployment with new product launches, upgrades etc.

-          You will communicate direct with the Distributor partners in the countries as needed.

-          Is in direct relation with the Customer support group in Quebec regarding complaint handling.



-          Performs other duties on assignment

-          Ability to work at lab bench or fume hood for extended period of time.

-          Ability to wear protection gear (gloves, lab coat, safety glasses, etc.).

-          Ability to operate a computer

-          Ability to travel to customer site when needed



  • Higher Education (Bachelor, Master or PhD is a plus;  or equal through experience): Biology Sciences, BioChemistry, bio Engineering, Bio-Medical sciences, Laboratory techniques, etc.


  • 3 to 5 years of experience in a similar position;
  • Experience with working in an international environment.


  • Strong knowledge (theoretical as well as operational) in Molecular Biology. Having good insight in assay development and optimization is a plus. 
  • Being able to use your scientific “luggage” and deploy it in an application environment.
  • Ability to cultivate internal and external professional relationships
  • Clear vision of and commitment to providing outstanding customer service
  • Performing instrument validation and conducting customer training. Reviewing operational quality of equipment, and instruction of customers in operation and maintenance of systems
  • Strong analytical/diagnostic skills
  • Hands on – action oriented
  • Able to work under pressure in a dynamic and fast changing environment
  • Team player
  • Able to work independently
  • Time management is an essential asset
  • Commercial feeling
  • Marketing background is beneficial
  • Excellent communication and training skills


  • Very good command of English, both written and oral
  • Good knowledge of 1 or more of the following languages: German, French and Dutch

Employment Status

  • Permanent position
  • Belgium


  • Professional traveling time: 60 % (3 days) on average
  • Training in Canada will be provided at the start for a minimum of 3-4 weeks; maintenance trainings as needed

Start of employment

  • March 2017
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About Our Organization

Located in Québec City, Canada, GenePOC Inc. is a privately owned company that develops cost-effective and rapid molecular devices to detect pathogen genes at Point-of-Care. GenePOC has developed a simple and integrated portable instrument for the prevention and early detection of infectious diseases based on a unique centripetal technology platform.The company was named in 2013 by the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year in molecular diagnostics for North America.

Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing healthcare practitioners with high-speed, high-quality, on-the-spot diagnostic devices offering targeted therapy for infectious diseases to achieve optimal patient management around the world.


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